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What's difference between these?(derivation)

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    Hi all.
    I know concept of derivation but I don't know the differences between these:
    can anyone explain what's difference between these?(1 to 5)

    Thanks(and excuse me for my probable English mistakes
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    Hi Hamid1! :smile:

    (1) I've no idea what that is :redface:

    (2) H is a function one variable only, G, and dH/dG is the rate of change

    (3) H is a function of variables including x, and Hx is the rate of change of H if x is changed, but the other variables are constant; Hx is also written ∂H/∂x

    (4) H is a function of variables including x and y, and Hxy = (Hx)y = (Hy)x = ∂2H/∂x∂y

    (5) G is a function of one variable only, and G' is the rate of change
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