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Where can I apply as an international student?

  1. Jun 6, 2013 #1
    I want to apply for b.s. Physics as an international student to get quality education, can someone please name such universities all over the world(except MIT,caltech and others biggies) which can provide scholarships. I'm from india, 18yo
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    A quick google search will provide you with answers, go do that.
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    I did, it wasn't that useful, I'm getting whole big list of various types of scholarships at different universities. How am I suppose to decide which university I must apply? I'm confused, that's why I've posted here. Anyone who has got the same may share the knowledge please, it'll be really helpful. Thank you
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    Vanadium 50

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    You could turn it around. How are we?

    There are 4500 colleges in the US alone. Your question is impossibly broad.
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    My thoughts exactly.
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    I'd suggest some Canadian universities simply because the tuition is cheaper, even as an international student.

    Pretty much every university offers scholarships available to international students.

    McGill, UBC, UofT and Waterloo are good science schools up North
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    A simple case of 21st century information overload. You can get a high quality education in any state in the US; pick your favorites.

    If I were you, I would start the search location-wise, based on things like climate, urban/rural, nearby relatives, and other personal factors. Next assess costs v.s. benefits by looking at scholarships, cost of attendance, etc. Then if you want to narrow your list down further I would look at school features: size, facilities, and special programs.
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    I'm sorry for the broad question, here is the actual situation: In india, the education system is really bad, right since childhood. The schools don't encourage extra curriculars to a great extend. So when I think of applying at top universities like MIT, the question arises in my mind, what am i suppose to tell them about my background? Just a normal guy who has finished school education, with a couple of extra activities, no exceptional talent or any great certificate or medals in science related exams, just a boy who is really passionate about science and wants to spend the whole life studying it! Just by saying "i'm passionate about science" why would I get selected!? I think I don't stand a chance. So I was seeking for some better than average universities who can atleast give me quality education better than what I'll get in india.
    And my family just can't afford such huge expenses of studying abroad, they have already done a lot for me. I hope you understand my situation, if possible then help.
    @retro10x- thanks for the names, I'll check those out.
    @hsetennis- Climate , location and all is not that much of a concern. Any decent university which can provide full scholarship to a person of such background mentioned above will do.
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