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Where would a voltmeter read 0 in a simple circuit?

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    Assuming a simple circuit with a couple of resistors

    Would it just read 0 around 2 points uninterrupted by a resistor?
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    Any two points at the same potential.
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    well yes of course, anyone who knows what a voltmeter is can tell you that. I think the question is where those points actually are in some circuit.

    i don't know.. i think unless the circuit is open you can't have that? i don't know.

    edit: Do you mean an ideal circuit where the wires have 0 resistance? In that case I think that may be true; measuring voltage across something with 0 resistance should probably give u 0 voltage drop. I wish someone would clarify that though, I want to know as well
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    I think, considering this is "a simple circuit", we don't need to over-think it. I'd say lollol has the right answer.
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