Which minor is the best complement to an engineering major, finance or economics

So I'll be doing a degree in engineering but will have some space for some free electives and see myself working as a engineering manager in a high tech company in the future. My goal is to earn as much money as possible. (yes Im a modern ebenezer scrooge:D) Thus I'm interested to know which of finance or economics would be the better choice to study at this stage?


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When i was planning my degree (Im an engineering and business double degree), i asked the same question. I didnt really know who to ask since i didnt know any professional engineers, however, a friend of mine's uncle is an engineer who i believe has worked a fair way up the corporate ladder. While i didnt speak to him directly, my friend (who is also doing the same double degree) did. This guy said either finance or industrial relation subjects would be most applicable to a career in engineering. Luckily, finance is what i was interested in so i ended up choosing a triple finance major in investment/corporate/quantitative finance :smile:

Hopefully someone who does actually work in the industry can better answer your question.

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