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White LED

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    Hi there, how one can compute the spectral power distribution of white LED ,i,e like black body radiator that has a formula of calculation..

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    Doug Huffman

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    A white LED is a composite. LED's emit single wavelength photons no one of which is white.
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    what I meant that the resulted spectrum of the combination ..does it have IR-radiation in that spectrum
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    Acording to Wikipedia there are at least three ways to make a "white" LED and all will have a slightly different spectrum.


    The wiki article includes the spectrum for a white LED made using RGB LEDs...
    and a white LED made using a Blue LED and a phosphor...
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    thanks,,as it is known for continuous spectrum that resulted from incandescent lamp,Planck law is employed to plot the spectral power distribution of such a source, but for the white LED I could not find a way to do the same as it is not treated as a black body radiator...thanks
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