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Why is perfusion arterial pressure-venous pressure?

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    As the topic say I have difficult understanding equation for perfusion. How does venous pressure affect perfusion I thought only arterial pressure does. Thanks!!
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    That's not the definition of perfusion. It may be related to it, but it's definitely not the definition.

    Can you please post a good standard definition of the word perfusion in this context?

    And perhaps more to your question's point, what would generally happen to the flow rate through the capillaries as the pressure in the venules gets closer to the pressure in the arterioles?
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    Yes it is not the definition. It is (art-ven)/resistance I quickly wrote it in a hurry. Can't get under the radar of you guys :smile: Well I think I get it but tell me if it is right. So if venous pressure is low since fluid moves from high to low pressure, blood would easily move from the arteriolar end to venule, flow rate increases. Talking about capillaries certainly got me on right track. Thanks berkeman :smile:
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