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With nanotechnology could we constuct an enzyme like machine

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    I think i spelt it wrong but anywat. With the promisies of nanotechnolgy on the rise i was wondering. With nanotechnology could we constuct an enzyme like machine that willsplit away a proton from a lead atom truning it into a gold atom or am i just crazy...er
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    You are just crazy :smile:

    All emzymes operate on the electon shell level. None can penetrate the electronic energy levels to reach inside the nucleus. Irregardless of how it is accomplished there is a certian amount of energy required to remove a nucleon, if you do not have sufficient energy to overcome the nuclear binding energies you cannot modify an atomic nucleus.
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    Ages ago I started an essay on alchemy, but never completed it. You ened MS Word to view all the footnotes and such. http://bad-sports.com/~archive/alchemy.doc [Broken]
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    I have seen the future and this
    nano-machine will be created.
    Each will cost $400,658.00 to
    produce. Each will be able to
    create $3.37 worth of gold before
    it breaks down.

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    I have invented a machine that converts uranium to lead. It just takes a while.
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