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Working with springs

  1. Oct 13, 2012 #1
    Spring force always creates a doubt in my mind...

    My question is that..

    When two masses say m1 and m2 are connected to each other via a massless spring....
    m2 is ahead of m1...
    if we push the block m1 towards m2 ..say with a force F..then what exactly will happen??

    What i think is that the force F will cause m1 to accelerate ..a compression will be produced in the spring ..and the spring will in turn exert a force on m1 and m2 both..
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    Yes, but it might get a bit complicated. If it goes from no force to a steady force F then I expect there will be some oscillation in the system.
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    But we can still relate the accelerations of m2 with that of m1..can't we??..

    F is a steady force...
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    Sure. Can you write the equations?
  6. Oct 13, 2012 #5
    perhaps, perhaps not....m1 may not even move....unless work is done.

    equations,and even some derivations, can be found here:

  7. Oct 13, 2012 #6
    The suraces are frictionless and the spring is massless...both the masses will surely accelerate...

    @haruspex : I could not write equation ...

    Im not able to understand what is going to happen if we exert a force on m1...wat the spring will do after that...
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