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Yor so big

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    I deleted many files on my computer, a message appeared, "your file is so BIG, I can't put it in" (something similer like that). I then had to stop or I would hurt it badly. So, can you tell me how big a trash collector is? How many megabytes of files it can contain ?
    Thank you
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    You can configure this, which OS are you using?

    Windows xp and 2000 right click the recycle bin and choose properties. From here you can desided how big of a percentage of a drive the recycle bin is in the recycle bin can use!
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    Actual files are not placed in the recycle bin, only locators, however these files still are located on your hard drive and the space cannot be used until they are removed permanently from the recycle bin.
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    Also files are never deleted from your harddrive just the associated file pointers are, when the file is "removed" from the recycle bin, The file could well be there for a long time untill you eventually overwrite the data...

    The recycle bin is only an object anyway that is associated with a hidden 'folder' on every harddrive where all 'deleted' files pointers are placed...

    http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;q136517 [Broken]
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