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An interactive app for file management

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    I am looking for an apps (on windows8) for file management. Something that I can put my selected files in it and to see them in the same time using an interactive way. Also to write, edit with interactive links and pics. what do you recommend. For example, I am preparing to write an article in physics, so I need to write, edit, have an internet link, or link to other files in my PC, all with thumbnails for each item.
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    Thanks for help but no, I am searching for app mainly for writing an assay. It should have multiple function, thumbnail of other links and files on PC with possible flow chart that connects more than one file. File manager seems to only classify data into one place. It does not link data of different extensions or does not have a writing platform.
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    I am struggling to understand your request. Are you able to rephrase (your example doesn't really shed any light on what you actually want, either)?
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    How about keepnote?

    It seems to allow for what you are asking for. One major reason why I like KeepNote is because everything is simply an actual file in your disk; in other words, should the application ever be not supported or stop working, you are still left with your files.
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