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Electronic device for storing and processing data. Software, Hardware, Web & Internet
T 09:05 AM phinds 
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Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
T 01:01 PM infinite.curve 
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Discussion and support for Matlab, Mathematica, Stata, Maple, Mathcad, LaTeX...
Y 05:30 AM gsal 
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Discussion and support for basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. TI-83, TI-89, HP48, HP50, etc...
Sep15-14 01:24 PM barryj 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
But first of all, if you're looking for help with a specific coursework assignment (e.g. in computer programming), use...
Aug16-10 06:48 AM
0 23,733
As we know, the United States consumes more power than any other country in the world. The success of the U.S. can be...
Jun5-03 12:48 AM
111 7,423
Having read my Command and Conquer Generals book I have seen that the USA use Cold Fusion. Is this theoretically...
May30-03 01:26 PM
Mr. Robin Parsons
48 4,452
Some people said they had downloaded the beta version and tried it out, due to my modem is slow, i can't download...
Jun4-03 08:48 AM
24 2,355 Part of me suspects this must be...
Jun12-03 02:42 PM
11 1,230
Hello. My ride-on Lawn Mower broke down recently. And i'm not a real mechanics or automobile person so please help me...
Jun16-03 03:08 AM
On Radioactive Waves
12 6,110
FYI AI is brain dead -
May28-03 11:58 PM
1 1,575
I asked this question a while ago on another BBS. What changes do you think will be made to humans of the future? ...
May30-03 04:26 PM
14 1,428
Let say I have an installation CD of Microsoft office, which can autorun. How can I create a virtual CD on my hardisk...
Jun17-03 07:30 PM
14 4,343
I recently watched a DVD on my laptop, after which, my laptop became seriously over-heated. It wouldn't work properly...
May30-03 07:26 AM
5 1,348
Britannica, Grolier, Encarta or what ? Which is better ?
Jun1-03 06:13 PM
7 1,263
I wanted to install Microsoft office on my new notebook computer. I bought the package for my desktop. However, the...
Jun16-03 09:01 PM
53 3,885
This product is designed to absorb CO2 from the environment. I just saw a report on The Science Channel. It seems...
May27-03 12:56 AM
1 1,826
Prompted by yet another thread about Microsoft... Should all we codemonkeys release our software free? I say it...
May28-03 04:19 PM
1 2,010
Okay, so tonight I need to buy a new notebook computer before I leave the country tomorrow. I do not want to spend...
Jun3-03 07:44 PM
23 3,250
Sometimes, I play MP3 with my notebook beside my bed before sleep, I need ~30 minutes to fall sleep while listening to...
May28-03 11:14 PM
4 5,703
What is alternating current?
May30-03 01:01 PM
2 1,852
My home PC is a stand alone machine, do i need windows 2003 ?
Jun4-03 08:52 AM
9 1,211
i know on ADSL 512K, which i am on now i get 60K a second maximum. I was just wondering what other connections people...
Jun2-03 09:41 PM
4 1,648
My friend just bought a mini disc player, and apparently it uses an optical cable to connect to a computer. I think I...
Jun3-03 02:07 AM
Pauly Man
8 3,903
I've got Geforce 4 128MB graphics card and i was astonished on what it can do. I played Star Trek Elite force...
Jun8-03 11:35 PM
10 1,696
My CD_RW drive died last week and I just bought a new one. I made it the master, and the CD rom the slave. Since doing...
Jun5-03 12:37 PM
6 1,828
Not sure if this is the proper place fir this but here goes: I'm trying to figure out a way to computationally...
Jun3-03 08:44 PM
5 1,568
Anyone here use/own a mac? I just bought an iMac off my company, G3-600mhz, 384 meg of ram (or so), installed with OS...
Jun5-03 03:38 PM
4 2,029
Unix accused linux stole its code, true ? Linux users have to bear legal liability fro using illegal linux ?
Jun14-03 11:50 AM
9 2,310
I'm not sure where to post this. On my FM radio (yes, I am pretty old fashioned), if you tune it to be slightly out...
Jun8-03 08:09 PM
6 3,952
I am trying to add an LED to one of my computer parts, but there is not enough current flowing through. I would like...
Jun7-03 11:53 PM
11 2,077
Readers, please bare with me as I attempt to explain the reasoning of my question. Any help will be greatly...
Jun10-03 08:17 PM
1 1,073
The notebooks of centrino is more expensive than that of P4-M , why? Centrino clock speed is lower than P4-M, such as...
Jun9-03 09:09 PM
3 2,842
A couple of days ago while i was thinking about several stuff an idea came to me. Here goes. Imagine you have a really...
Jun9-03 12:59 PM
1 2,630
I got 2 OS system, winME and winXP, same modem installed to the PC. WinME can detect and dial up to internet with the...
Jun17-03 05:37 PM
12 6,373
Hi guys, Iím interested in learning about electronics and circuitry. I was a CS major but now Iím majoring in CIS....
Jun11-03 03:29 AM
3 1,090
I installed it, cool! Tried it now, it's free!
Jun12-03 09:22 AM
Greg Bernhardt
3 1,766
is anyone linked to the seti program? what is the minimum computer requirments? is computer safe when in use by seti?
Jun11-03 10:07 PM
3 1,541
I recently installed XP Pro onto my comp, and added a 2nd hard drive, and upgraded my RAM. The computer started...
Jun18-03 10:31 AM
18 1,650
For all you MS haters and open source folk out there try out the Mozilla Firebird browser if you haven't already. I...
Jun15-03 06:38 AM
6 1,331
I have heard that this concept is already starting to be implimented in cars (constantly changing gear ratios), is...
Jun16-03 05:16 AM
8 2,808
I've been working on a program that can make plots for the past two weeks. I've been toiling over window creation, how...
Jun17-03 01:17 AM
Guybrush Threepwood
3 2,827
When i booted into my windowsME, it often had a spool error message, after that your applications tended to fail and...
Jun16-03 10:44 PM
5 1,916
I've created a dll in c++ that runs a 4th order Runge-Kutta on user supplied data. I want to use it in a particle...
Jun19-03 06:56 AM
Pauly Man
7 64,053
Hello there I was wondering just how much pollutionfree energy you can get into an automobile, and therefore I...
Jun18-03 04:51 PM
0 1,855

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