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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Apr12-14 02:54 PM
59 45,739
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 22,226
See his Week246 Christine
Feb26-07 05:23 AM
4 1,306
Besides the Hawking talk on BH information loss, and the public lecture by Roger Penrose on fadishness, wishful...
Jul2-04 09:18 PM
7 1,691
JB gives a talk at Perimeter today Wednesday 31 May and has posted his slides ...
May31-06 01:58 PM
2 1,341 TWF 208 reports on a recent quantum gravity at perimeter institute. Here...
Nov7-04 02:28 AM
1 1,080 no QG this time, interesting as usual though
Oct23-06 09:30 AM
0 1,526 ==sample quote== the meantime, we can think about mathematical...
Dec27-06 08:58 AM
1 1,439
In this edition JB asks the question When was the first calculus textbook written - and in what language? and...
Feb6-07 05:39 PM
1 1,164
New issue of Baez This Week's Finds came out today no quantum...
Feb10-06 09:56 PM
0 1,265
"Higher-Dimensional Algebra: A Language for Quantum Spacetime" ...
Jun18-06 12:29 PM
john baez
7 1,871
Jul26-04 04:22 PM
4 1,520 awesome photographs, and...
Dec18-06 09:36 AM
0 1,635
How do you balance the Loop and String programs? They have each advanced unevenly in different respects, so trying...
Feb26-11 03:33 PM
1 858
Does anyone have any opinions about this paper? It's way over my head technically. The...
Dec29-12 08:38 PM
5 1,203
With any luck, sometime soon you can read this paper on the arXiv: Aristide Baratin and Laurent Freidel Hidden...
Dec24-08 08:37 PM
133 17,356
something new is happening, indicated by John Baez starting that "Baratin Freidel" thread I am starting this thread...
Jun26-06 07:37 AM
18 2,181 Hidden Quantum Gravity in 4d Feynman diagrams: Emergence of spin foams Aristide...
Nov11-06 08:17 PM
8 1,443
STRING THEORY J.L.F. Barbon Department of Physics, Theory Division, CERN Geneva Abstract "This is a rendering of...
Apr26-04 09:28 AM
1 1,892
B Crowell asked what would be the best way into LQG and then (on looking over the suggested entry-level "LQG Primer"...
Sep7-10 01:43 PM
17 1,990
Ambjorn Jurkiewicz Loll seem to have settled on what to call their new approach to Quantum Gravity. In their most...
Nov24-04 10:20 PM
4 1,536
The almost simultaneous detection of low energy and high energy photons puts tight constraints on models predicting...
Aug1-10 01:32 AM
25 3,464
Hi, I have no knowledge of ST but have a probably simple question. I saw a program about how the extra dimensions of...
Mar23-10 05:57 PM
7 1,956
Iím trying to understand bases of string theory and LQG but Iím not familiar with higher mathematics so Iím not able...
Sep4-06 06:25 AM
0 1,093
Can someone give me a rundown on current quantum gravity research namely: Loop Quantum gravity Causal Dynamical...
Dec23-11 10:10 PM
4 2,059
Hi. Could someone please post a quick summary of which string theories are out there and how they relate to each...
Jun10-04 07:32 PM
13 3,009
I've just found a review of m-theory which should be very interested for you. ...
Sep21-05 10:52 AM
1 1,892
Is anyone going to attend this: David Gross, Cumrum Vafa, Lisa Randall, and...
Oct10-07 11:57 PM
0 1,589
How do you understand Beables? How do you define Beables? Are these supposed to be located in spacetime or behind...
Jun17-11 08:24 AM
3 1,629
The investigation of BHs by Shahar Hod has had a big impact Quantum Gravity. Everybody remembers the substantial...
Nov2-06 08:38 AM
1 1,732
Hello! First time poster on physicsforums, and I've had a question that I thought would be best addressed here. I'm...
Jul15-06 09:02 PM
3 10,774
She digs down and thinks, in this one it was...
Nov3-06 11:24 AM
0 913 Bee took the time to write a thoughtful essay about...
Aug3-07 02:00 PM
1 977
By my judgment as a bystander watching from the sidelines, this is a fantastically high quality paper. Unless someone...
Feb19-07 05:20 PM
13 2,267 my candidate for the greatest ever physics...
Dec2-07 04:24 PM
37 17,408
It's a good paper. She delivered it in June at the Irvine SUSY 06 conference but we didnt get to see it until now. ...
Nov2-06 08:42 AM
1 1,247
there has been a rumbling of lists in the Bloggery and Bee rose to the occasion at Backreaction...
Jul13-06 02:30 AM
22 2,359
I'm looking for any information available concerning what "was" before the Big Bang. Anyone that can help? Thanks
Dec1-04 07:15 PM
12 1,512
hello to brainiacs everywhere, i posted a few questions last year but only received replies which pointed out my...
Nov4-06 03:17 PM
0 2,034
quantum gravity is currently the big problem interest in string approach to quantum gravity has been declining lately...
Jul25-05 02:24 AM
14 2,643
I was wondering, OK it is a gedakenexperiment because it is beyond observation, but... how is space-time...
May5-06 04:00 AM
0 1,855
I was wondering, OK it is a gedakenexperiment because it is beyond observation, but... how is space-time...
Oct11-06 01:07 PM
0 2,150

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