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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jun28-14 05:03 PM
63 60,272
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 25,303
Hello! First time poster on physicsforums, and I've had a question that I thought would be best addressed here. I'm...
Jul15-06 09:02 PM
3 11,002
She digs down and thinks, in this one it was...
Nov3-06 11:24 AM
0 932 Bee took the time to write a thoughtful essay about...
Aug3-07 02:00 PM
1 999
By my judgment as a bystander watching from the sidelines, this is a fantastically high quality paper. Unless someone...
Feb19-07 05:20 PM
13 2,329 my candidate for the greatest ever physics...
Dec2-07 04:24 PM
37 17,620
It's a good paper. She delivered it in June at the Irvine SUSY 06 conference but we didnt get to see it until now. ...
Nov2-06 08:42 AM
1 1,287
there has been a rumbling of lists in the Bloggery and Bee rose to the occasion at Backreaction...
Jul13-06 02:30 AM
22 2,449
I'm looking for any information available concerning what "was" before the Big Bang. Anyone that can help? Thanks
Dec1-04 07:15 PM
12 1,556
hello to brainiacs everywhere, i posted a few questions last year but only received replies which pointed out my...
Nov4-06 03:17 PM
0 2,072
quantum gravity is currently the big problem interest in string approach to quantum gravity has been declining lately...
Jul25-05 02:24 AM
14 2,724
I was wondering, OK it is a gedakenexperiment because it is beyond observation, but... how is space-time...
May5-06 04:00 AM
0 1,884
I was wondering, OK it is a gedakenexperiment because it is beyond observation, but... how is space-time...
Oct11-06 01:07 PM
0 2,187
I´ve just started to study superstrings and I´m working on Polchinski´s book problems. I come from other area and so...
Jun10-04 01:41 PM
0 1,668
Benedetti Groh Machado Saueressig have (what will probably turn out to be) a landmark paper where they show the...
Jan29-11 02:14 PM
A. Neumaier
148 14,728
I suspect that the most influential string research will now tend to be done in places where there is a strong...
Oct26-07 04:11 PM
2 1,764
Bekenstein bound states that the amount of information in some region of the space is proportional to the surface of...
Jun3-14 12:20 PM
1 1,767
This paper seems to be another entry in the LQG/string crossover competition:
Mar14-13 12:46 AM
mitchell porter
0 925
An outstanding puzzle in Quantum Gravity is the strange coincidence that two of the most developed approaches both...
Dec14-08 01:39 AM
20 3,148
For anyone not familiar with Bengtsson here are 34 papers in gr-qc, hep-th, and quant-ph going back to 1992...
Mar22-07 08:22 PM
1 1,282
Interesting development. We already knew nonstring QG at UC Davis, but hadn't heard of LQG research in the UC Berkeley...
Dec30-09 08:58 PM
0 2,291
Which of the following is the most promising road to quantum gravity? 1. quantising General Relativity 2....
Mar8-11 12:42 AM
2 1,572
The best online slide-set exposition of Causal Dynamical Triangulations that I have seen so far is the one that...
Aug9-08 09:47 PM
7 2,008
The clearest and most thorough discussion of the Cosmic Natural Selection conjecture that I have seen so far is Is...
May12-05 10:24 AM
18 4,511
What is the best review article, published in a peer-reviewed journal, introducing string theory?
Nov6-09 08:50 AM
11 4,368
Hello all, I am asking a question that I expect will return many answers. If any of you were presented with a...
Dec20-10 11:15 AM
8 1,023
Hi all, and bless. Sorry about the mystic greeting but I feel like I need all the grisgris I can get these days. A...
Jan14-05 07:37 PM
8 1,149
I've heard that that origin of String Theory was in Gabriele Veneziano's analysis of the Euler beta function in...
Feb7-10 08:24 AM
7 3,906
Hello, I am hunting informations about new physics. I am starting a phd in theoretical high energy physics....
Apr3-10 09:45 AM
6 1,890
To my understanding General Relativity is a theory of geometry. Is it mandatory that the next step beyond GR also be a...
Mar24-14 05:46 PM
3 682
Is anyone out there working on a theory of elementary particles that is basic quantum mechanics without the Hilbert...
Jun13-06 06:47 PM
0 1,610
Bee Hossenfelder has an interesting post I'd like to get some comment on...
Jul18-13 11:13 PM
3 1,075
If we can find a Semiclassical model expanding the Path integral \int D \phi e^{iS HOwever this semiclassical...
Feb6-08 04:21 AM
0 1,559
A common misconception from friends studying outside a Bsc. is the impression that our universe is expanding out in...
Feb27-09 04:57 PM
17 2,268
So one can even have "beyond standard Thermodynamics" :biggrin: I just came across this and it seems interesting. ...
May31-13 10:21 AM
4 2,141
What do you think will we discover with the LHC? And what will we learn from it? Reference: Les Houches "Physics...
May2-06 02:20 PM
28 2,677
Does anyone have information about a book by Rudy Vaas supposed to come out this year, called Beyond the Big Bang. ...
Mar8-07 01:19 PM
0 2,213 Beyond the Spectral Standard Model: Emergence of Pati-Salam Unification Ali H....
May15-13 07:22 PM
14 2,399
This may seem like a stupid question but I am asking in curiosity: If the boundary where we can see no further of our...
Oct13-12 01:36 AM
2 1,434
Model, well i doubt if any one can give a clear discription of what that is, to me everything is up for grabs, or is...
Feb4-06 04:39 PM
10 1,589
We've been watching this development taking shape ever since the tentative Gambini Pullin papers about it in 2006. It...
Jun9-10 05:14 PM
43 7,552

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