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Beyond the Standard Model

- Professionally researched theories... strings, branes, & LQG
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
announcements, btsm, event Sticky Thread Pinned: BtSM Event Announcements ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
This sticky is for announcements of pertinent scientific events, such as conferences, seminars, or public talks. This...
Jul27-14 12:49 AM
64 64,350
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Jul14-12 08:32 AM
1 26,108
Another silly question here :) What are some of the cosmological observations a TOE must agree with? (I'm making a...
Jun24-11 08:40 AM
7 2,072
So the Hamiltonian of the wave-function of the universe is equivalent to zero. Am I correct in interpreting this as a...
Aug29-09 09:49 AM
3 2,070
Is there a Lagrangian from which the modified Maxwell equations including a magnetic charge density (magnetic...
Apr4-13 06:14 AM
11 2,070
To everyone, Being new to string theory (m-theory) this theory is not completely clear to me. I'd be like if some...
Sep27-04 08:08 AM
12 2,067
In the Wikipedia article "Quantum Gravity", it claims that there is some experimental motivation for finding a quantum...
Sep11-12 08:03 AM
9 2,067
I've been reading up on gauge theory and it isn't easy. Can someone give me an easy summary of its fundamental scope...
Feb3-13 02:56 PM
9 2,066 There are many, many sites on the web...
Nov21-03 12:16 PM
3 2,065
Please post suggestions for what could turn out to be "Most Influential Paper" that you see between now and June. ...
Jun26-06 10:10 AM
14 2,065
Haelfix pointed out the paper "Quantum Topologically Massive Gravity in de Sitter Space", which calculates a partition...
Jun3-11 07:33 PM
mitchell porter
2 2,065
Any experts in using SOFTSUSY (the tool) here?
Dec5-11 01:55 AM
3 2,065
Hi, there is the following workshop this summer at Stony Brook: ...
Feb7-06 06:00 AM
Stefan Fredenhagen
0 2,064
An interesting property of the Unruh effect is that the very existence of particles depends on a frame. Unruh...
Apr27-09 03:24 AM
7 2,064
Thank you Marcus for spotting this paper. Fotini Markopoulou takes a non reductionist view of planckian physics in...
Dec2-10 06:09 AM
2 2,064
Iím struggling to put the Higgs mechanism into the context of established physics. It seems to me that the concept of...
Oct26-12 01:30 AM
1 2,064
this is the September conference that Francesca told us about, we have a bit more information about it now, like the...
Jan22-07 04:39 PM
8 2,062
ok so in the cyclic model of the universe...two branes are colliding and this is causing big bangs every few trillion...
Dec21-10 05:03 AM
1 2,062
I want to recommend the following paper to anyone who wants the spec up on Renormalization Group flows, fixed points,...
Oct10-06 10:26 PM
1 2,060
I read somewhere that a system consisting of a single black hole contains the maximum possible amount of entropy...
Sep27-06 01:42 PM
1 2,059
This thread is in case discussion of the following paper is wished. The Holst Action...
May12-11 07:15 AM
4 2,059
We often talk of the possibilities of discovering TOE, through such things as string theory. And I have heard some of...
Aug25-04 04:03 PM
2 2,058
I decided to start this thread and it can be moved to wherever people might feel it appropriate, under the heading of...
Sep2-04 08:05 PM
13 2,058
What I understand mathematically: The Polyakov action has three symmetries of the world...
Oct9-04 12:04 PM
2 2,058
I wasn't certain if this topic strictly belonged in the GR forum. I have read the article 'Singular disk of matter...
Feb8-08 10:18 PM
6 2,058
I came across an interesting discussion about LQG's philosophy (through Googling "Cauchy surface" and "loop quantum...
Dec1-08 03:34 AM
9 2,058
Okay so if we assume strings (as described in superstring theory or M theory) are about the size of plank length, then...
Mar16-11 01:53 AM
4 2,058
My question is simple and straight forward - how does a 1-dimensional string "convert" to a zero-dimensional point...
Jan12-09 04:36 PM
3 2,057
String theory requires 9 spatial dimensions, M-theory 10. One followup to Verlinde's paper is this: ...
Feb3-10 08:01 AM
1 2,057
Is somebody here involved with the causal set approach to QG? is a nice...
Sep27-09 09:56 AM
3 2,056
I came across a curious site on this topic:...
Mar17-11 09:15 AM
Physics Monkey
3 2,055
Canonical theories of gravities imply a foliation of spacetime into 3 hypersurfaces, each one labeled by time and...
Dec27-12 10:25 AM
15 2,055
Hi All :smile:, I have a question which is at least partly one of believe but I would be interested in your...
Nov16-06 03:00 PM
william donnelly
15 2,054
This is very interesting, is it the first proposed method (that is within reasonable energy for particle accelerators)...
Oct16-12 01:00 PM
4 2,054
Does string theory provide an explanation for the collapse of the wave function in QM? Thank you in advance for...
Nov16-06 05:12 AM
9 2,053
Well, not new insights, but at least new paper and a new face: Particle Physics from...
Apr7-12 08:45 AM
4 2,053
String theory takes a lot of its motivation fron the conformal anomaly, and the way to get rid of it. Can somebody...
Jul18-06 05:00 AM
Alexey Popov
1 2,052
Just a stupid question (?), I have read about planck time, length, etc... as possible smallest measurable elements of...
Feb25-07 12:37 PM
4 2,052
************************************************************* CSL-1...
Jan26-06 06:37 PM
Rich Murray
0 2,051
Bryce Seligman DeWitt, Jane and Roland Blumberg Professor in Physics, Emeritus, at the University of Texas of Austin,...
Oct1-04 10:54 PM
2 2,050
This paper is dated to the 23rd of December, and seems to be a nice idea...
Jan10-04 01:47 PM
14 2,049
Sorry this is all a bit condensed, but people seem interested in this mass gap question so here are some more...
Nov24-04 02:44 PM
9 2,049

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