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Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:23 AM
1 33,179
Folks, I am trying to understand the balance of units for this eqn ## \displaystyle \frac{d^2}{dx^2}(E(x)I(x)...
Nov16-12 07:39 AM
3 978
Hi, Saunderson wrote a solution for finding out Euler Bricks, but I can't find something which would show how is his...
Jun28-11 11:55 AM
0 840
Hi Im a bit stuck on the method for Euler Integration. I have the following first order differential equation: ...
May23-03 04:31 PM
7 4,380
Hi All, is there any body to give me some help on how I can calculate the Euler Lagrangian equation associated with...
Jun9-11 10:59 AM
1 1,131
Hello, I am getting very confused. I have a list of supernovae with galactic coordinates l (from 0->360) and b (from...
Oct1-09 04:32 AM
0 850
I have a number of objects (points) in a 3D space. I need to rotate this space using euler angles (or equivilent) and...
Nov8-07 07:01 AM
6 4,152
This may be a stupid question, but I do not understand why the Euler sum is infinite for zeta=1. Why is...
May24-07 11:07 PM
robert Ihnot
5 2,640
What is most motivating way of introducing this function? Does it in itself have any real life applications that have...
Oct27-13 03:58 AM
3 480
Let be the taylor series with general coefficient a(n)=(-1)**nb(n) whit b(n) a function of n then could the...
Apr3-03 11:56 AM
0 3,551
In Mathematics a little substitution can work wonders. I'm going to show you how to solve a 150 year old riddle by...
May18-03 04:23 PM
6 5,450
So Euler derived the analytic expression for the even integers of the Riemann Zeta Function. I was wondering if there...
Jun11-12 01:43 PM
2 1,611
The first time I saw Euler's equation, it blew my mind. e^{i\pi}+1 \equal 0 Here, we have three of the most...
Nov29-06 06:57 AM
60 19,581
I just started studying complex numbers. It says complex numbers in polar form can be expressed as a power of e: ...
Dec25-03 01:48 AM
10 3,401
Is there a clean exponential formula for inverse trig functions (arcsine, arccosine) like there is for sine and cosine?
Oct23-08 02:22 PM
Ben Niehoff
3 4,081
If e^iPi/2=i, what does e^-iPi/2 equal? And could you please write it out in cos + sin notation? For some reason I...
Nov10-12 09:36 PM
3 774
One can look into any precalculus book and find a proof of the addition formulas of sine and cosine. Though as most...
Dec11-08 04:13 PM
3 3,990
Hello. Please tell me how do I derive: cos(θ)=1/2 (e^{iθ}+e^{-iθ}) from: e^{iθ}=cos(θ) + isin(θ) as well...
May29-13 03:46 AM
2 451
Can Euler's line be parallel to any of a triangle's sides? I'm sure it can, but when is it and how could I prove this?
Mar5-06 01:36 PM
24 3,601
When solving the initial value problem y ' = 2y-x, y(11)=6 using Eulers method with h=0.2, y0=? I know how to solve...
Mar31-08 05:24 PM
2 2,067
I'm doing a project on the nine point circle and i need to know what type of triangle it works with. I tried...
Nov19-03 04:31 PM
2 2,874
From what I had read, Euler had originally proved the infinitude of primes through proving his product formula and...
Apr16-11 04:08 PM
9 3,496
Can someone find a good explanation of how Euler did it? I can't seem to find anything article or whatnot that...
May6-10 09:10 PM
Count Iblis
1 2,219
I need some help/hints on how to prove this statement. I don't know where to start! Prove that if m and n are...
Feb1-10 05:39 PM
1 1,717
Hi all I have a question concerning Euler's triangle formula, where the distance (d) between the incenter and...
Jun7-10 02:27 PM
2 1,547
One of the great mathematicians in history was born on this day, three hundred years ago. Stefan from Backreaction has...
Apr16-07 10:57 PM
Gib Z
1 1,176 Is this true: ...
May15-09 05:57 PM
11 1,225
Hi guys, I encountered it many times while reading some paper and textbook, most of them just quote the final...
Oct20-12 02:54 AM
0 696
I would need to evaluate the integral \int\limits_{x\in S}^TA\exp\left(-\frac{1}{4}^TB\right)dx where x is a...
Mar8-09 07:13 AM
3 2,067
As a kid, I remember my father saying "there's a small chance that an electron in your body is on the moon" Well,...
Jun6-09 06:34 PM
5 2,072
How might one comprehend the product of complex numbers N (an+ibn)=C n=1 such as by representation with...
Oct26-03 09:43 PM
Loren Booda
4 972
Hello, using octave when I evaluate this expression (1+1/x)*x-x, with x = 10^(15) i get as result 1.125, I didn't...
Nov4-13 06:22 AM
2 495
How to you evaluate the expression for e (the limit) ? I don't see how you could do this unless you do it numerically...
Jun10-06 09:42 PM
10 2,839
I'm trying to differentiate e^x from first principles but I can't find a way to manipulate this expression...
Jul25-12 10:18 PM
8 3,260
Just like it is possible to show that e^\pi > \pi^e, is it possible to show that \sqrt{2}^{\sqrt{2}} >...
Jun26-09 06:56 PM
1 746
Let be the function f(t)=L(-1)1/(exp(-s)-1) where L(-1) means the laplace inverse doubt is to know...
Sep24-03 10:13 AM
Tom Mattson
1 1,585
Hello guys ,I need help on the following which I encountered during reading the book "i:The imaginary tale". The...
Jul17-06 12:08 PM
4 1,605
I am new to this site and would like to find some equations for water evaporation? I would like to understand more...
Oct29-09 08:06 PM
1 911
My prof said "every function is the sum of an even and an odd function, explain." ive spent about 2 hours off and...
Sep14-06 05:26 AM
9 5,795
(8^2003+6^2003)/49=? Who can solve this?
Jan8-05 01:23 PM
6 1,988
1)-why is x(t)+x(-t) always even?? matter if x(t) even or odd??? 2)-when we talk about unit step...
Sep8-11 10:05 AM
3 1,328

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