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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 29,593
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 136,634
I want to be able to map the position of a planet given initial position, velocity, and acceleration. I know the...
Y 08:21 AM
Juan Carlos
2 1,824
Hi!, I'm working on a personal project: Solve the heat equation with the semi discretization method, using my own...
Y 08:08 AM
Juan Carlos
2 125
Hi all, first of all I apologise if my question is not supposed to be in this thread. I am a fledgling mathematician,...
Y 02:46 AM
0 118
Hey there, I have modeled a propagating wave in a 1D dispersive media, in which square and cubic nonlinear terms...
Y 01:14 AM
2 1,732
How to understand Uniqueness and existence theorem for first order and second order ODE's intuitively?
Jul28-14 02:51 PM
3 366
Hi. First off, sorry for the not so descriptive title. If one of you finds a better tilte I will edit it. We have...
Jul28-14 03:27 AM
1 609
Can anybody give me some links for plotting bifurcations online?
Jul27-14 08:15 AM
ion santra
0 256
Hello Everyone. I have a question. Suppose I have a differential equation for which I want to find the values at...
Jul26-14 12:39 AM
1 672
I'm currently reading Tolstov's "Fourier Series" and in page 58 he talks about a criterion for the convergence of a...
Jul25-14 02:49 PM
2 525
When deriving the Runge-Kutta Method to solve y'=f(x) we need to use Taylor expansion. Hence we need to differentiate...
Jul23-14 01:30 AM
4 767
My textbook says that: "A differential equation contains both the function and the derivative of the function" ...
Jul22-14 04:31 PM
3 605
I want to show, in a talk, how to build the Predator-Prey (Lotka Volterra) model. It starts off with the "Population...
Jul22-14 07:09 AM
2 586
Suppose we have some partial differential equation for a scalar ##f## $$Df = \rho$$ taking values in...
Jul21-14 11:27 AM
center o bass
0 479
According to the confluent hypergeometric equation \frac{d^2}{d x^2} y + \left(c - x \right) \frac{d}{d x} y - a y =...
Jul20-14 03:44 PM
3 1,847
For the following problem \frac{dw}{d\theta}=\theta w^{2}sin(\theta^{2}), w(0)=1 I am not able to obtain the...
Jul20-14 04:15 AM
3 1,049
Hi, I'm trying to find the first integral of motion for this set of PDE. I'm not really that familiar with this...
Jul17-14 11:44 AM
2 3,114
Hi - wondering if you can help me find a solution of: \nabla^{2}u-\frac{u}{\lambda^{2}}=a\delta(r) for spherical...
Jul17-14 09:17 AM
3 2,285
Consider the following linear functional operator: $$Q_w = \lim_{h\rightarrow w} \lbrace \frac{f(x + h) - f(x)}{h}...
Jul16-14 06:17 PM
1 1,274
Does anyone know how to prove this identity? I don't quote understand why the associated Legendre function is allowed...
Jul16-14 05:19 PM
2 1,106
Hi, I am having a problem implementing 4th Order Runge Kutta (RK4) to solve a non linear ODE. dy/dt = B(t) -...
Jul16-14 03:04 PM
2 1,151
I'm doing a practice problem I found online, and I get a solution, but I think it should have a sine term in it. I...
Jul14-14 06:21 AM
1 1,502
As it can be read here, the Laplace transform...
Jul12-14 08:23 AM
2 1,420
For a regular LR circuit (L and R in series) and with a AC voltage: I tried to...
Jul11-14 05:18 AM
2 1,716
Hi, Are there any numerical techniques I can use to solve differential equations with periodic boundary conditions? I...
Jul10-14 04:44 PM
8 1,848
Is it possible to solve a differential equation of the following form? $$\partial_x^2y + \delta(x) \partial_x y +...
Jul9-14 09:26 AM
1 1,728
This is about attempting to solve ##\left( y'\right)^2 = y^2 - 1 ##. \int\frac{dy}{\sqrt{y^2 -1}} = \pm \int dx ...
Jul9-14 05:47 AM
2 1,317
f(z) = sq. rt of z-1 / z+1 --- both numerator and denominator are inside the radical. I can write it as (z-1)^1/2...
Jul7-14 07:33 PM
2 1,728
Hello, everybody. I'm trying to replicate plots from Yang et al. 2002. Spatial resonances and superposition...
Jul5-14 10:47 AM
2 2,512
Is it possible to convert a general linear second order boundary value ode y'' + P(x)y' + Q(x)y = g(x), y(a) = y_a,...
Jul5-14 03:12 AM
1 1,809
I am setting up a numerical simulation from a 2D discretization of the heat equation in cylindrical coordinates. my...
Jul4-14 12:55 PM
2 2,254
If I have a function "F" in a two-dimensional space F(x,t) and its analog F' in another co-ordinate system F'(x',t')...
Jun30-14 03:23 PM
1 1,999
Hi, I desperately need help to solve the following differential equation for buckling of a beam with a uniform...
Jun30-14 06:51 AM
20 5,748
Are these statements correct, if not could you give me an example 1. If solution of IVP is non-unique then there...
Jun27-14 02:58 AM
1 1,793
Hi, all. I'll be brief. Can Airy functions be considered orthogonal over some interval? If so, what is their...
Jun26-14 10:49 PM
2 1,906
Hello! This is my first post to this excellent forum! I would like some help with this exercise: u_{xx} (x,y) +...
Jun25-14 09:10 AM
1 1,823
The Schrodinger equation is of the form \frac{d^2 \psi}{dx^2}+ \psi=0. In a lecture, the lecturer said that if we...
Jun25-14 12:10 AM
4 2,237
Hİ. How can we sure that the initial conditions , say, for a second-order linear equation must be unique which is also...
Jun24-14 12:09 PM
2 1,811
Hi there! I have the following property: If x(t) is a solution of \left\{ \begin{array}{l} \dot{x} = f(x) \\...
Jun23-14 06:38 PM
2 1,806
Hi, all. While solving a second order linear differential equation why do we have to use linear independent but two...
Jun23-14 06:50 AM
6 1,960
Hello, I am searching for the Laplace transform of this function u_a(y)\frac{\partial c(t)}{\partial t} ...
Jun19-14 04:32 AM
3 1,911

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