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Differential Equations

- An equation involving derivatives of a function or functions. Solving ODE and PDE
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Please post any and all homework or other textbook-style problems in one of the Homework & Coursework Questions...
Feb23-13 09:24 AM
1 30,360
My intent is to create a thread for people interested in Differential Equations. However, I will explicitly state that...
Jul3-12 07:18 PM
95 138,901
According to the confluent hypergeometric equation \frac{d^2}{d x^2} y + \left(c - x \right) \frac{d}{d x} y - a y =...
T 10:21 AM
4 2,231
Hello I'm struggling with well-known problem of finding shortest path between two points on a sphere using calculus...
T 06:56 AM
2 125
With $$ H = \alpha \left(x^{2}\partial_{x} - x \partial_{x} \right) + \beta\left(x \partial_{x}^{2} -...
T 02:18 AM
0 74
sorry for spamming the boards with all these questions lol- i promise this is my last post regarding n body problems....
Y 09:35 PM
3 210
I was reading this interesting article on different varieties of roller coaster loops, and I know nothing about...
Sep14-14 12:50 PM
2 139
Heya folks, I'm currently pondering how to decide whether a function has an inverse Laplace transform or not. In...
Sep13-14 10:51 PM
0 127
Hi everyone, I need some help to solve this differential equation. The question states "Use the perturbation or...
Sep12-14 02:05 PM
11 390
Hello, First I'd like to state that I understand how to show that a relation defines an implicit solution of a...
Sep11-14 06:37 PM
1 96
For each epsilon greater than 0, show that the differential equation x'=x^2-1-cos(t)-epsilon has at least one periodic...
Sep11-14 02:10 PM
1 137
I took an introduction to ODEs course this past spring semester. It always bothered me where this thing came from. I...
Sep10-14 05:52 PM
13 403
the force field trajectory calculator worked pretty good, so i decided to step it up and solve the famous n body...
Sep10-14 01:49 PM
2 226
Hi, I'm an engineer who uses a lot of finite-element software for doing multiphyics modeling. I've been learning a...
Sep9-14 07:11 AM
10 578
Hi, I want to solve the following diffusion equation: (d/dt) C(r,z,t)=D*∇^2 C(r,z,t) where C is the...
Sep8-14 07:26 PM
2 159
Hello, it is known that given a certain recurrence relation that describes a sequence of numbers, it is often...
Sep8-14 11:35 AM
0 88
Hello, I was just after an explanation of how people get to this conclusion: Say you are looking at the...
Sep8-14 11:08 AM
3 408
Hi, I was just wondering if : (y^2 - 1)*dx/dy + x = 0 In this case, x is the dependent variable. Is linear?...
Sep8-14 07:36 AM
2 136
I'm trying to do some refreshing of differential equations featuring damped systems. Specifically, I have a question...
Sep8-14 07:24 AM
1 109
In most textbooks I've read and programs I've work with, differential equations are normalized (made dimensionless)...
Sep7-14 08:38 PM
3 288
Hi all , I would like to solve the following partial differential equation. (∂α/∂t)=G *(a'-a) I attached the...
Sep7-14 09:47 AM
4 206
I was wondering if there is a way to get specific numerical values for the following differential equation: f'(x)+...
Sep6-14 05:38 AM
5 164
When talking about ordinary (real) linear differential equations with constant coefficients the idea is that we are...
Sep5-14 06:59 AM
1 173
I have a linear time-varying linearly perturbed ODE of the form: \dot{x} = x where A(t) is a bounded...
Sep3-14 04:33 PM
1 135
Im writing a program that calculates the trajectory of a particle in an arbitrary force field. the force field is a...
Sep3-14 02:39 PM
5 334
I want to model a Differential Equation for a projectile motion under 2 forces (gravity and wind) So, what I have...
Sep3-14 01:08 PM
2 218
I am learning how to solve 1st order linear ODEs using the integrating factor.However, I run into confusion at the...
Sep3-14 08:08 AM
4 178
I had a brief question regarding SDEs. Typically, I've seen models like the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process that generally...
Sep3-14 12:22 AM
6 181
Firstly, if this is an inappropriate forum for this thread, feel free to move it. This is a calculus-y equation...
Sep2-14 10:13 PM
2 230
1. why do we need to use shifted unit step function in defining second shifting theorem? 2. why don't we instead...
Aug27-14 07:45 AM
2 239
hello. I have a matlab skeleton provided because i want to model a distribution with a circular geometry. all in all,...
Aug25-14 06:19 AM
2 195
What is the vector space under consideration when we say that a linear differential equation is of the form Dy=f ...
Aug24-14 07:30 AM
13 515
Is it possible to solve a differential equation of the following form? $$\partial_x^2y + \delta(x) \partial_x y +...
Aug23-14 03:55 AM
Simon Bridge
2 2,132
For the following problem \frac{dw}{d\theta}=\theta w^{2}sin(\theta^{2}), w(0)=1 I am not able to obtain the...
Aug21-14 03:12 PM
4 1,353
Hi friends i am trying to solve heat equation for a single time domain,with Finite Difference Method. I wrote a...
Aug20-14 02:52 PM
2 270
Suppose all second partial derivatives of F = F (x, y) are continuous and F_{xx} + F_{yy} = 0 on an open rectangle R. ...
Aug19-14 10:47 AM
3 263
Greetings all ! This is my first post on the forum, so please kindly let me know if I am not asking a proper...
Aug18-14 03:12 PM
4 337
I want to solve the following differential equation using matlab and thus want to plot between x & y....
Aug17-14 04:27 AM
1 201
hi pf! ok, so my math text for PDE's states the following theorem: $$f(x) = \sum_n a_n \phi_n (x)$$ for "nice...
Aug14-14 11:25 PM
8 391
Hi, while solving differential equations problems we have to sometimes use absolute value while taking an integral of...
Aug13-14 11:30 AM
3 279
Hi guys , I'm currently reading a book and I faced this with DEs: In the 5 attached images you'll find the textbook...
Aug8-14 11:50 PM
Simon Bridge
1 388
Hi everyone, i am trying to solve and program a non linear differential equation in matlab where thermal conductivity...
Aug8-14 11:04 PM
7 298

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