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  1. F

    I Sorry, another Bernoulli equation paradox

    Let's start with a horizontal tube with a constant diameter. I'm not sure if it's important, but let's assume it's frictionless. I will have some fluid flowing in this tube and if it's important, we can make the fluid incompressible, inviscid, irrotational, etc. To create a flow in the tube...
  2. curiously new

    I Laminar-turbulent transition and Reynolds number

    Hi all! This is my first post here, so hopefully I am not in violation of any rules or etiquette. I'm looking to derive an equation for Reynolds number as function of pressure for a pinhole leak in a pressurized gas line. The line is regular air and is pressurized to 1 atmosphere and is leaking...
  3. Tymofei

    I About deriving the Bernoulli equation from a particle model and its pressure

    Here i added a page from my fluid dynamics book where it shows particle model for deriving the equation. My question is why pressure is more at stream side aka 'positive "s" direction'.I would expected more pressure on the other side because for example when you trying to push a rigid object or...
  4. A

    Bernoulli's equation from an elemental fixed streamtube control volume

    Elemental fixed streamtube control volume from Professor White’s textbook “Fuid Mechanics”: I was unable to develop the intermediate steps for the following approximations: (continuity equation according to the book ) Where and (Momentum equation according to the book) In...
  5. rjomega

    Effect on Volume of a Change in the Pressure of Compressible Gas

    Will the available Volume of oxygen gas for use of patients increase when the pressure decreases from 12.4 MPa to 500 KPa? Is using boyle's law the right way to calculate the available volume?
  6. nohappy

    The Venturi Effect cannot explain how an eductor works

    I've google all the keywords like "eductor", "ejector", "Venturi pump". All of them are the mechanism or applications that utilize "Venturi Effect". All of them are trying to explain the "suction effect" by saying that restriction area makes the fluid's velocity higher and hence lower pressure...
  7. nuclearfireball_42

    I Is Bernoulli's Equation related to the Conservation of Mechanical Energy?

    So the Bernoulli's Equation.. My question : Are the terms on the left hand side equal to the total mechanical energy? So can I rewrite this equation as ?
  8. Q

    Bernoulli's Equation Pressure at Blockage

    Would it be because I'm comparing two different streams as opposed to two portions of the same stream?
  9. S

    Help with Bernoulli's equation for a central heating system

    so far I have found the velocity 1 and 2 by dividing the volume flow rate over the area which I got from pi x dia squared/4 my v1 = 1.01859m/s and v2= 2.82942m/s i have then figured out a pressure for the 15mm pipe which i got an answer of 2.71 bar however i am stuck on the rest of the question...
  10. Logic hunter

    B Contradicting values of pressure for liquid cross-sections

    Consider a fixed horizontal tube of uniform cross section with pressure being 1atm at one of it's end and 5atm at the other (former due to 'open to atmosphere' and latter due to force on a piston), then liquid would flow towards low pressure end. By equation of continuity all cross sections will...
  11. S

    Bernoulli lift

    Homework Statement We have a plane which lift area is A=500 m2 and weight of plane is m= 540 000 kg. That the plane can stay in air the pressure difference between top and bottom of the lifts have to be: B>G --> Δp= (m*g)/A = 10 594.8 Pa. Homework Equations Bernoulli equation The Attempt at...
  12. JTC

    A Bernoulli to explain Magnus Effect

    Hi I have been reading some internet articles that state the Bernoulli equation does NOT explain the Magnus Effect. The articles state that the effect is due to circulation (Bernoulli requires inviscid flows) Could someone explain the cause of the Magnus effect without reference Bernoulli's...
  13. J

    Filling and emptying a barrel -- Bernoulli

    << Mentor Note -- thread moved from the schoolwork forums to ME for better views >> 1. Homework Statement Not really homework as this is for work. We are washing a cylindrical container (15.5 cm) with only one (1.8" dia) hole at the bottom the rest is sealed. Our machine sticks a .5" pipe with...
  14. E

    How do we use Bernoulli's Principle in this situation?

    Homework Statement A large water tank, open at the top, has a small hole in the bottom. When the water level is ## 30## ##m## above the bottom of the tank, the speed of the water leaking from the hole: A. is ##2.5## ##m/s## B. is ##24## ##m/s## C. is ##44## ##m/s## D. cannot be calculated...
  15. S

    Confusion about Bernoulli's Equation & Airplane Wing

    Hi, I'm a little confused about the theory behind this problem related to fluids/Bernoulli's equation: "An airplane wing is designed so that the speed of the air across the top of the wing is 251 m/s when the speed of the air below the wing is 225 m/s. The density of the air is 1.29 kg/m3...
  16. TheRumpus

    I Does air flowing through a tube cause a pressure change?

    I have been involved in a fairly furious debate about a fluid dynamics experiment regarding the pressure of air passing through a tube attached to a moving car. It is similar in concept to the issue of whether or not an opening in an aeroplane fuselage would suck people out, where the opening...
  17. M

    Fan Selection for air cooling of a computer

    I 90% understand the question and solution but unfortunately I have some hesitations about the formal solution in the book. First of all, when calculating P4-P3, choosing lines and points on them, why do book assume velocities of 3 and 4 to be the same...
  18. T

    I Why is Bernoulli's Equation Isentropic

    I have trouble understanding why we classify an inviscid adiabatic incompressible flow along a streamline as isentropic I understand this from a Thermodynamic definition/explanation $$dS = dQ/T$$ Adiabatic Invsicid $$dQ =0= dS$$ So no heat added or lost no change in entropy I'm fine with that...
  19. RMalt

    Evaluate Problems using fluid dynamics

    I have a diagram similar to the following. Water entering the larger end is at 20degreesC. The larger end has a diameter of 8cm and Area 50.26cm2. The small side has a diameter of 3cm and Area 7.0685cm2. The water jet exerts a force of 87N on a flat plate at an unknown distance. Assuming no...
  20. T

    I Bathtub Vortex Pressure difference

    The problem statement Example 1 A single particle I have a particle being forced by a radial centripetal force onto a smaller radius $$l_1=m_c.v_1.r_1$$ $$L_1=L_2$$ $$L_2=m_c.v_2.r_2$$ $$m_c.v_1.r_1=m_c.v_2.r_2$$ $$v_1.r_1=v_2.r_2$$ $$v_2=v_1\frac{r_2}{r_1}$$ Its increase from ##v_1## to...
  21. G

    When will the house be flooded?

    Homework Statement [/B] A simplified schematic of the rain drainage system for a barn is shown in the figure. Rain falling on the slanted roof runs off into gutters around the roof edge; it then drains through several downspouts (only one is shown) into a main drainage pipe M below the...
  22. W

    Bernoulli equation exercise from Fanning and Moody

    Homework Statement I would really appreciate it if you could give me a hand with this exercise, not sure on what I've done. Data: Moody: L=55*10-3m D=10-1m k=0.0002m Homework Equations ##Re=\frac{D*u*ρ} {μ}## ##Re=\frac{4*m} {pi*D*μ}## Relative roughness ##ξ=\frac k D## where k=rougness...
  23. W

    Bernoulli equation with losses dilemma

    Homework Statement Hello,Could you please lend me a hand with this problem?I would really appreciate it. Question:[/B] Their Answer: KL=2*0.75(2 elbows) D=5*10^-2 m ;f=0.001(fanning friction factor) Assumptions I made: Point 1 which is at the top of the liquid in the tank: h1=23 m...
  24. surfwavesfreak

    A Boundary condition question

    Hello everyone, The boundary condition : P=0, z=ζ is very common when studying irrotational flows. When cast with the Bernoulli equation, it gives rise to the famous dynamic boundary conditionn, which is much more convenient : ∂tφ+½(∇φ)2+gζ=0, z=ζ But what happens if the motion is rotational ...
  25. Houeto

    What kind of ODE is this?

    consider ODE : Show that the solution to this ODE is: Can someone tell what kind of ODE is it?I thought,it's on the form of Bernoulli ODE with P(x)=0.Is it possible to still solve it by using Bernoulli Methodology?I mean by substituting u=y^1-a with a=2? Thanks
  26. MexChemE

    Modeling ideal gas flow using Bernoulli's equation

    Hello, PF! I'm currently brushing up my fluid mechanics and came across some questions while studying the compressible flow of an ideal gas using Bernoulli's equation. First, consider incompressible flow in the following system Neglecting any changes in elevation, the Bernoulli equation for...
  27. S

    I Use of Bernoulli equation for pumps

    I have a doubt on the use of Bernoulli equation for pumps. Consider the situation in the picture. I marked different points: ##1## on the surface of first tank, ##2## in the exit from first tank, ##3## just before the pump, ##4## just after the pump and ##5## entering the second tank. Now...
  28. S

    Bernoulli equation related to minimum pressure inside train

    Homework Statement The train is travelling in a gallery at ##v=70 km/h##. Outside air is not moving and pressure is ##p_0=101325 Pa## and temperature ##T=283 K ##. The area of the face of the train is ##A=9 m^2##. Determine the minimum area of the section of the gallery such that the pressure...
  29. J

    Fluid Mechanics-Bernoulli and Energy Equations

    Homework Statement A well-fitting piston with 4 small holes in a sealed water-filled cylinder,shown in Fig is pushed to the right at a constant speed of 4 mm /s while the pressure in the right compartment remains constant at 50 kPa gage. Disregarding the frictional effects,determine the force...
  30. faradayscat

    U-shaped tube fluid dynamics

    Homework Statement [/B] Suppose we have a u-shaped tube filled with water, with oil added at one end which disturbs the equilibrium. Now say one end is blocked off and the other is exposed to air flow which reduces the pressure above the water and causes the water to climb back to equilibrium...