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  1. Tymofei

    I About deriving the Bernoulli equation from a particle model and its pressure

    Here i added a page from my fluid dynamics book where it shows particle model for deriving the equation. My question is why pressure is more at stream side aka 'positive "s" direction'.I would expected more pressure on the other side because for example when you trying to push a rigid object or...
  2. B

    Need help with horizontal syringe Bernoulli's Principle problem.

    Did I do this problem correctly? I felt like I did this wrong because the answer is suppose to be around 50 m/s.
  3. melo

    I Understanding Bernoulli's Principle

    My understanding of Bernoulli's Principle is something like this: Pressure is inversely proportional to velocity. Fluid flowing through smaller cross-sectional area has increase velocity & decrease in pressure. Also P = F/A.... so would force also decrease for fluid going through small area...
  4. orangeraindrops

    Is there a way to find the velocity of air in a flute?

    Homework Statement I am working on a math investigation which involves the physics of the flute and I can't move on unless I find an equation for the change in required velocity of the air stream to produce different frequencies. I have a feeling I might have to abandon this idea and do...