bernoulli's principle

  1. B

    Need help with horizontal syringe Bernoulli's Principle problem.

    Did I do this problem correctly? I felt like I did this wrong because the answer is suppose to be around 50 m/s.
  2. melo

    I Understanding Bernoulli's Principle

    My understanding of Bernoulli's Principle is something like this: Pressure is inversely proportional to velocity. Fluid flowing through smaller cross-sectional area has increase velocity & decrease in pressure. Also P = F/A.... so would force also decrease for fluid going through small area...
  3. orangeraindrops

    Is there a way to find the velocity of air in a flute?

    1. Homework Statement I am working on a math investigation which involves the physics of the flute and I can't move on unless I find an equation for the change in required velocity of the air stream to produce different frequencies. I have a feeling I might have to abandon this idea and do...