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A float is a decorated platform, either built on a vehicle like a truck or towed behind one, which is a component of many festive parades, such as those of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the Carnival in São Paulo, the Carnival of Viareggio, the Maltese Carnival, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Key West Fantasy Fest parade, the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the 500 Festival Parade in Indianapolis, the United States Presidential Inaugural Parade, and the Tournament of Roses Parade. For the latter event, floats are decorated entirely in flowers or other plant material.

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  1. C

    Number of bits required for floating point representation

    Relevant equations ( a quote from the book A Concise Introduction to Numerical Analysis by A. C. Faul explaining what is floating point representation ): __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've been reading A Concise...
  2. C

    How does one convert a decimal float to binary using the multiply by 2 method?

    I've started reading A concise introduction to numerical analysis, A.C. Foul and on the first page there's the following paragraph about how a floating point in fixed point precision can be represented: I don't understand the example where it says " ##\beta=2## and ##p=20##, the decimal number...
  3. I

    Should the power supply float or be grounded?

    I have read pros and cons for both, but would like to hear what people have to say. I can build a simple power supply for a project that supplies 15v that is isolated from earth ground by using the output from a step-down transformer. I can also put one together that shares earth ground. Which...
  4. B

    Python UnimplementedError: Cast string to float is not supported

    Hello everyone, I have this problem that I can't solve: I have two types of images contained in two different folders. I have to create a dataset with these images and train a cycleGAN model, but for simplicity we assume that I want to print them on monitor and forget the cycleGAN. My code is...
  5. L

    B If gravity was a force wouldn't going back in time cause us to float?

    This might sound as a dumb and silly question but if you think about it, it makes sense. If we wrongly assume that gravity is a force just like any other, and given the fact that time is closely related to gravity and that gravitational time dilation is a thing, wouldn't reverse time travel...
  6. M

    Upward force of float moving in an arch under water

    a float with 5 pounds of water displacement is resting on the bottom of a pool of water 10 feet deep. The float is tethered to the bottom of the pool via a string that is pulled tight lengthwise and so is also laying on the bottom of the pool. The string is 4 feet long. If the float is...
  7. M

    B Angled Rod w Float Attached -- Force of Float

    Hi! A ridged rod is submerged in water at a 45 degree angle toward the bottom of a tank of water. The upper end of the rod is fixed to a pivot point and so, the lower end of the rod is able to move around that pivot point. The lower end of the rod has a float attached to that displaces 50lb...
  8. SpectraPhy09

    Buoyancy: Will the Object float or sink or remain at a depth?

    My answer was coming b but it's given wrong in my textbook. Because if a body is submerged completely in a liquid then buoyancy Force = mg So if the net force is Zero then shouldn't the body remain there? Plz can someone tell where did i went wrong? Also can a body float inside a liquid Because...
  9. L

    Comp Sci C++, float and double having different effects on an if statement?

    So I used this statement, if (call_time > 0 && call_time <= 6.59) where the variable was declared as float. What is strange is that it didn't execute for call_time = 6.59, but for some other values, like if (call_time > 0 && call_time <= 2.59) the end value of the range does not cause any...
  10. Y

    Float charging batteries: what really happens?

    A typical off grid solar system looks like this: PV Array -> MPPT controller -> Battery bank -> 240v AC inverter -> loads Suppose that the system is currently float charging: "Float charging, also called trickle charging, consists of charging the battery at the same rate that it is...
  11. T

    What force causes a balloon to float?

    When I blow a balloon with CO2, it falls as it is heavier than air. Then it is gravity that causes the balloon to fall. When I buy a balloon filled with helium gas from a store, it floats as it is lighter than air. But what force is causing the balloon to float?
  12. S

    I Would a rover on an asteroid float away because of the low gravity?

    I’m wondering if a lander/rover landed on an asteroid with a very low gravity, and we wanted to make said rover move around the asteroid, would it “float” away because of the low gravity? Wouldn’t the normal force and the gravitational force equal 0? If we added a propulsion system, how would we...
  13. F

    Why does a helicopter float motionless but still consume gas?

    When a helicopter float motionless the work done on it is zero.But why does it still consume energy?A similar question is why when we hold still a weight, we must consume energy(we feel fatigue)?
  14. ali PMPAINT

    Python Why is Python displaying inaccurate decimal values for floating point numbers?

    So, I searched the whole internet, but wasn't the thing I actually wanted. Which is obviously wrong! it should be 0.333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333... And please, don't tell me the reason, I heard it a lot, I just want the solution to my problem.
  15. F

    Pressure inside the zeppelin for it to float

    Homework Statement A zeppelin of an ellipsoid shape (a=32m, b=c=a/3) iz filled with hydrogen. Pressure of the surrounding air is 100 000 Pa. Temperature of air and hydrogen is 20°C. The mass of an empty (not filled with hydrogen) zeppelin is 10 000 kg. What does the pressure of hydrogen inside...
  16. archieab

    Converting PyGame 2 axis joystick float to 360 angle

    I would like to convert my joystick's two axis float (horizontal and vertical) to a 360 angle that can be used to set a players direction in my game. From my research, I've found the best route to take is using Atan2. Variables: self.rot = 0 horaxis = joy1.get_axis(0) veraxis = joy1.get_axis(1)...
  17. chemisthypnos

    Does Increased Pressure Affect Buoyancy?

    Imagine that there are two metal spheres both with the same volumes and I am trying to get them to float up into the air. I fill the first sphere with 5 ATM of helium and I fill the second sphere with 6 ATM of helium. Will either sphere have a higher buoyancy force acting on it than the other...
  18. M

    Why does egg float upwards in stirred bottle of water?

    Hello, why does the egg float upwards in a stirred bottle of water? I have tried making same experiment with other objects in different shapes but only the egg shape seems to float upwards. Here's the link to the video: Second experiment: Thank you for help.
  19. Pranav

    B Why Does a Cube Float When Dipped in Water?

    Imagine a container containing water up to 100cm of its height then I dip a cube of plastic in the water on depth of 75cm. We all know it will float because of its less density, but if we go with Pascal Law, The pressure/force applied by the water above the cube is more than than the buoyant...
  20. doglover9754

    B Would it be possible to make something float?

    While waiting in the doctor’s office, I looked at a balloon sticker on the wall. That made me think (once again). Would it be possible to make something float without using your basic flotation stuff (helium and propellers mostly)? I was thinking in more of a futuristic themed way. Like magnets...
  21. Clasi

    Air I would need in order to be able to safely float 1000kg

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known I have absolutely minimal concepts of this subject so if somebody could help me with the most simple language I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to know how to calculate the volume of air I would need in order to be able to safely float...
  22. J

    Is there a byte that never occurs in a float?

    A float consists of four bytes. I am using a data stream of floats through radio. This data occasionally is not a float though, and sometimes I'd want to stop the logging of floats of the stream, by inserting a "stop char", which would be checked by the program. Previously I was using simple LF...
  23. C

    I Buoyancy of Helium and Hydrogen Balloons: Calculations and STP Considerations

    As a note, this is my first post on this site. I was looking at some bouyancy calculations with regard to balloons being in air when I came across this post. I cannot understand why the calculation for the net force of bouyancy done by Vintage (the last post on the page) does not include the...
  24. J

    IEEE Floating Divison: Is Result Guaranteed?

    Hi, First of all, if this is wrong forum, I apologize; please direct me to the correct one. I have 4 * 8-byte integers, representing 2 rational numbers (i.e. 2 pairs of a nominator & a denominator). The 2 rational numbers have the same mathematical value, but different nominator & denominator...
  25. gammzy98

    How to use magnets to float an object (Diagram)

    Hey everyone, I have been doing some research in regards to floating an object, and possibly have it rotate. I am thinking magnetism is the way to accomplish this, but if anyone else knows another method I would love to hear it. I created a simple diagram on what I am trying to accomplish...
  26. WherE mE weeD

    Should I Use the Total Length of an Object to Calculate Buoyancy?

    this is a float submerged in fluid the upthrust is greater than the weight. P=ρgh to calculate the pressure should I use the total length of this object as h? Homework Equations P=ρgh Fb=PA (A=area) The Attempt at a Solution Curious to know whether I should use the total length of this object...
  27. Wesl14384

    Will it float or will it crunch?

    An oil drum will crunch if all matter is taken out. If you empty an oil drum at the edge of space, ceal it, and release it (without kinetic energy so no escape velocity), wil it float somewhere in the atmosphere? Or will it crunch and fall on the earth? Is it possible to create a stucture strong...
  28. B

    Fortran Can't read float number from file

    Hi everyone I need help for reading file that contain float number, I don't understand the problem or what should I have to fix; the code seem to be fine if the read file is integer number but if the number is real number the FORTRAN give me error Runtime Error: debug_input.f(12): Invalid...
  29. F

    Does a capsized boat of iron float?

    Hello Forum, I know that a block of iron would sink in water no matter its shape, unless we shape it like a boat in which case it will float. What if we turn that iron boat upside down? Will it still float? I don't think so since the concave area of the boat will slowly fill with water (which...
  30. T

    Archimede's Principle to Make a Cup Float to Certain Height

    Homework Statement I am given a water tank, a small plastic cup, and some gravel. How could I use Archimede's principle to determine how much gravel to put in the plastic cup such that it sinks to a certain point (namely the rim), but then floats, so that no water is let inside the cup...
  31. S

    Should I be using double or float here?

    Was doing this HackerRank problem and my solution is using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.IO; using System.Linq; class Solution { static void Main(String[] args) { Console.ReadLine(); // skip first line, don't need it in C# implementation int[]...
  32. akhan90

    Calculating the equation for a float in a rotameter

    I'm trying to design a rotameter, a flowmeter consisting of a float in a tube of increasing area (like a cone). I know the equations equating drag with gravity, but I'm more interested in the equation of the float's velocity over time, just as steady state flow begins (so x(0)=0) Because the...
  33. M

    OrCad Capture CIS -- Unconnected pin, no FLOAT property or FLOAT = e

    Hello everyone! I am new in OrCad Capture Cis and apparently lack in fundamental knowledge. I have created this circuit so far but it appears that something (or everything) is wrong. The error is "Unconnected pin, no FLOAT property or FLOAT = e" in several parts of the circuit. Your answers will...
  34. John Pang

    Why do astronauts float in space?

    Another question XP. I have read several articles about the reason why astronauts float in space. I understand that this is because astronauts and the spaceship undergo free falling due to gravitational pull by the Earth. However, this doesn't explain why astronants float inside the spaceship.
  35. hackhard

    Why people float inside free falling airplane

    in science shows , an airplane made to fall freely under gravity has its passenger floating in mid air i understand weightlessness is due to 0 normal reaction by floor on person but since both passenger and plane have same aceleration due to gravity what might be reason for relative separation...
  36. R

    Why does a log float horizontally?

    Homework Statement Why does a log float horizontally as opposed to vertically? Homework Equations Nah The Attempt at a Solution I can kind of imagine why a vertical log would be in unstable equilibrium, but the thought isn't quite as logically cohesive as I'm comfortable with, so could...
  37. S

    Floating Cylinder of Uniform Density

    A solid cylinder of uniform density of 0.85 g/cm3 floats in a glass of water tinted light blue by food coloring...
  38. B

    Tethered float radiometer

    Homework Statement There is a submerged float which is held in equilibrium by three hanging chains (see attached), a portion of the chain hangs below the float. Ultrasound directed onto the top face of the float (which is concave with angle α) and the float is displaced downward proportional to...
  39. P

    Why Ships Float: Displacing Water vs Weight in Air

    Does the amount of water displaced by an object needs to be greater than its weight (in air) for it to float in water? Say a bowl of 5 kg displaces 4 kg of water - will it float or sink? If it sinks the if it had displaced 5 kg of water would it float? That is the volume of water displaced by...
  40. Salvador

    Maximizing Heat Dissipation in High-Power SMPS Design

    Hi, I am building this smps (schematic attached ) I have a question, since it's a half bridge topology the other end of the transformer primary is attached to half the mains rectified (capacitor middle) via a capacitor , but here's the question , the transformer primary is attached via a...
  41. M

    Why don't continents push ocean floor up?

    Given that both the continents and the oceans are "floating" on magma, and the continents are much heavier, why doesn't the pressure created by the continents force the ocean floor upward?
  42. S

    Why does a greased needle float on water?

    So I read that if you put grease on a needle it will float on water . Why does this happen?
  43. BrainMan

    Calculating Buoyancy: Solving for the Height of a Boat in Salt Water

    Homework Statement A small boat weighing 1000 N has a surface area of 3 m^2. It floats only 5 cm above the water level when in a fresh-water lake. How high out of the water will it ride in a salt-water lake? Assume the surface area of the boat does not change as it rises (salt water has a...
  44. L

    Why if we put Saturn in water, it will float?

    Why if we put Saturn in water, it will float?
  45. M

    Need help with setting up a light system for a float for my old elementary school.

    Hey physics forums! I was asked by my elementary school to help set up a system to make lights flash with the beat of music on a parade float. I'm a nuke engineer student at purdue but I think this is within my grasp. If It is too expensive or too much to make Christmas light flash with the beat...
  46. S

    MHB What is the Range of Integers and Real Numbers in a 10-bit Float Type?

    Hello all, (wasn't quite sure where to post this) I'm stumped on a question my teacher is asking me...I'm not sure if it's even possible. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction? Question: A computer uses 10 bits to store integers with 1 bit for a sign. It stores an approximation of...
  47. C

    Could someone explain this textbook example regarding float fl(x)

    Hi, okay here's the problem: *find fl(x) for 9.4* and here's how it's done 9.4 in binary is 1001.0110 0110 0110 since 9 = 1001 .4 = .0110 0110 0110... (basically, 0110 repeating) next using Rounding to Nearest Rule (see top on picture) we get what a binary number (boxed in black in the...
  48. B

    Will I float about 100 km above earth surface?

    I want to know whether a person can float in the space just 100 km above the Earth's surface. If we would float, what are the factors that make us float? And if we don't, what are the factors that keep us from floating in the space? Those object need to orbit around Earth at high speed like...
  49. F

    How can people float or sink in the water with no volume changed?

    I am no english native speaker, sorry if something is a little confuse. I was swimming, and then I realized that when I let the air go our of my lungs I sink. I though this might be because of changes in the volume of my body while holding air or letting it go. So I hold as much air as I...
  50. N

    Exploring the Floating Match Trick

    So i saw a trick the other day where you place a coin under a match, and that match is leaning against another match that is standing upright, if you light the center of the leaning match on fire then it will start to float and you can remove the coin, what i am asking is how this works. Here...