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OpenFOAM (for "Open-source Field Operation And Manipulation") is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers, and pre-/post-processing utilities for the solution of continuum mechanics problems, most prominently including computational fluid dynamics (CFD).
The OpenFOAM software is used in research organisations, academic institutes and across many types of industries, for example, automotive, manufacturing, process engineering and environmental engineering.
OpenFOAM is open-source software which is freely available and licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3, with the following variants:

OpenFOAM, released by OpenCFD Ltd. (with the name trademarked since 2007) first released as open-source in 2004. (Note: since 2012, OpenCFD Ltd is wholly-owned subsidiary of ESI Group)
FOAM-Extend, released by Wikki Ltd. (since 2009)
OpenFOAM, released by OpenFOAM Foundation. (since 2011)

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  1. prithika

    I Effect of vent ratio on the drag coefficient of round parachutes

    For my 12th grade school project, I'm planning to research on the effect of vent ratio on the drag coefficient of round parachutes. My idea was to make small model parachutes and drop them from a height, and derive the drag coefficient after certain assumptions. But I also thought it'd be...
  2. JD_PM

    Error when creating boundary conditions (OpenFOAM)

    Let's give some context. I created a Mesh via snappyHexMesh and next I am setting the boundary conditions (BCs). First I copied the patches folder "createPatchDict" to my system's folder via the command "cp $FOAM_ETC/caseDicts/mesh/manipulation/patches/createPatchDict ./system" Taking into...
  3. JD_PM

    Understanding the source code for an OpenFOAM solver (CFD)

    I am trying to understand the following code (it starts from line 59) and there are pieces I do not understand. argList::addNote ( "Solver for two incompressible, isothermal immiscible fluids with" " phase-change.\n" "Uses VOF (volume of fluid) phase-fraction based...
  4. M

    How can I pin the fluid-solid contact line in OpenFOAM?

    Hi PF! Does anyone know how to pin the fluid-solid contact line in OpenFOAM? There has to be a way to do this, and I've tried the cfd-online community but they're largely inactive and consequently no one has replied to my question. Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!
  5. Anachronist

    Ridiculously low drag coefficient from OpenFOAM CFD

    (New thread following up to a conversation in another thread). I'm using SimFlow 3.1 with OpenFOAM 5 on Linux to try to evaluate the drag coefficient of a water rocket body, constructed from a 2-liter Coke bottle with a conical nose, traveling through air at 77 m/s. This should be a simple...
  6. M

    Troubleshooting Linux OpenFOAM Issue - Help Needed

    Hi PF! I'm unsure if I'm in the right area, but I'm trying to run OpenFOAM on Linux. I'm following the tutorial here: https://cfd.direct/openfoam/user-guide/v6-tutorials/ but when I type the 4th command: cp -r $FOAM_TUTORIALS/incompressible/simpleFoam/pitzDaily I receive the error: cp...
  7. D

    Math Required to use OpenFOAM?

    context: I work for a guy who is interested in CFD. But he is a licensed engineer in the telecom industry (w/ an MS in Telecom) and has forgotten most of the Calculus he took in college. My current working math knowledge is through Calc 3 (Multidimensional.), and about half of standard course...
  8. M

    Running openFOAM on a Mac: issues with paraFOAM

    Hi PF! I'm using a mac and am running the CFD program openFOAM. As I'm going through a tutorial on openFOAM, I am instructed to type paraFoam & into the terminal. When I do so, I receive this error: This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin...
  9. M

    How can I run OpenFOAM on a Mac using Docker?

    Hi PF I'm learning OpenFOAM and typically would do much more work prior to coming here, but I'm on a time crunch and was wondering if anyone knows how to run an OpenFOAM program? I have a file called "wedge" and within that I have a "constant" file, system file, a "0" file, and two documents...
  10. EternalSeekerX

    I Are CFD codes like OpenFOAM used in other realms of physics?

    Hey guys and gals, In my 4th year I got interested in cfd while doing a flat plate case. Fast forward to after grad and while I am looking for a job(Still looking :( ) I have been playing with Linux and open foam. I looked into astrophysics and plasma physics and such as they interest me to. So...
  11. W

    OpenFOAM Experience? Anyone with Expertise?

    anyone with experience in this programm? I wanted to know if its running on GUI like ANSYS Workbench or i need to work with codes programming like in ANSYS Classic
  12. H

    Connecting with OpenFOAM Users on PF: A Community for Linux-based CFD Software

    This might not be in the right place, took a shot in the dark since it involves Linux, software and fluid mechanics. Quick question, is there an OpenFOAM community here on PF? OpenFOAM is an opensource CFD software (c++ based) for Linux. I am taking some online courses on the topic and would...

    What are some practical applications of OpenFOAM for multiphase simulations?

    Hi all, I recently got OpenFOAM up and running on my Ubuntu OS. I really like this program. Are you a user and if so what do you think of the program? Thanks Matt

    Explore CFD Simulations with OpenFOAM

    Hello all, OPEN FOAM is an open source program for performing CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations. Here is the hompage for it. http://www.opencfd.co.uk/openfoam/ It requires a good deal of source code interaction in order to run. (So I have been told.) That is why I...