What is Pmos: Definition and 13 Discussions

PMOS or pMOS logic (from P-channel metal–oxide–semiconductor) is a family of digital circuits based on p-channel, enhancement mode metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs). In the late 1960s and early 1970s, PMOS logic was the dominant semiconductor technology for large-scale integrated circuits before being superseded by NMOS and CMOS devices.

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    Bizarre Behavior in Discrete PMOS

    Some of my colleagues and I captured the i_D vs V_ds/V_sd curves for the CD4007 MOSFET IC (http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/cd4007ub.pdf). We did this for the NMOS and PMOS transistors. I have attached the curves to this post. The NMOS curve is as expected. However, the PMOS curve seems to be...
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    Engineering PMOS Circuit Problem: Finding Rs and Input Resistance

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Id=K*(Vsg-Vth)2 KVL The Attempt at a Solution On part A, Haven't had much experience with PMOS. Used large signal model, to find Rs. Equivalent circuit: We know that Vs=0. That means Vd=-7.5 V. If we say the voltage across Rs is Vdd-Vd, then that...
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    Solving MOSFET Issues | 180 Ohm Resistor

    I am new to using MOSFET transistors as load switches. Here, I am trying to trigger the P-channel MOSFET to run a current through the 180 ohm resistor. I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. It is supposed to turn on for a small moment (at the zero-crossing moment of the AC phase), then...
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    Engineering Simple Integrated Circuit Question

    I have a simple conceptual question rather than an actual problem so pardon me for not using the provided template. There's a question in my Microelectronic Circuits book involving this circuit: where it states that Part of the solution involves this equation: VOV4 = VD4 - VS4 (equation...
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    Value of Vout in PMOS Inverter?

    Hey guys. I am simply trying to derive the equation for Vout in a PMOS inverter (attached). I know that in an NMOS inverter (which has the resistor in top of the transistor instead of the bottom) the equation for Vout is: Vdd - id*rd. But how does the resistor being in the bottom change...
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    AC coupling using NMOS and PMOS

    AC coupling using NMOS Hello. What does AC coupling by using NMOS and PMOS actually means?
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    Engineering  Find Logic Function in NMOS & PMOS Circuits

    Homework Statement Find the logic function (without body effect) Homework Equations Nmos, Pmos current equations (in each state of the transistor). The Attempt at a Solution I am looking at the circut and get confused :( don't know where to strart from... help please? ...
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    Boosting Speed: Unleashing the Power of CMOS over PMOS and NMOS Structures

    we know that, CMOS is used rather than NMOS and PMOS for greater speed of operation. but, using PMOS and NMOS together for CMOS structure, how can we operate it for greater speed? :::: in CMOS structure, P and NMOS are shown one beside another.(for many cases,though there are many...
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    Understanding NMOS & PMOS: Structure & Application

    Homework Statement Please tell me about NMOS and PMOS, What are their Structure and Application Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    PMOS Working Concept: Vgs (th) -5V Source Follower Mode Output

    Hi, I believe that to make a PMOS work, Vgs (th) needs to be negative but when I give -5V to source and connect it in a source follower mode i.e. vg = -5V, I do get an output. Can anyone tell me how and why? Thanks, - Hemant
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    PMOS diff amp - common mode input range

    Hi Can someone help me on how i can calculate the input common mode range for this pmos diff pair. I'd have an idea if it was an NMOS diff pair but am kinda uncertain of this. I'm looking for equations for the input signal ranges of Vmax and Vmin Thanks
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    Engineering PMOS Transistor Circuit - Is It Enhancement or Depletion Mode?

    Here is the problem: The PMOS transistor in the figure is conducting current. (a) Is V_TP > 0 or V_TP < 0 for this transistor? (b) Based on the value of V_TP, what type of transistor is in the circuit? (c) Is the proper symbol used in this circuit for this transistor? (d) If the symbol...
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    Solve PMOS Transistor Circuit: Vthreshold, Vgs, Vgt, Vds

    I have a PMOS transistor circuit set up. These are my parameters: Vthreshold = -0.4 V Vgs = -3 V Vgt = Vgs - Vthreshold = -3 + 0.4 = -2.6 V Vds = Vgs - Vthreshold = -2.6V I'm trying to figure out what operating region this stupid thing is in. There are so many different ways of figuring...