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Powerpoint 2013 Issue Opening Presentation

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    When I open a powerpoint presentation that I created I get the following message:

    The presentation cannot be opened. Your antivirus program may prevent you from opening the presentation. To fix this problem, make sure your antivirus program is current and working correctly. If the problem persists and the presentation is from someone that you trust, turn off your antivirus program, and then try to open the presentation again. If you do this, make sure you turn on your antivirus program again after you open the presentation.

    I have disabled the AV and the error message still occurs. I have tried both Powerpoint 2003 and Powerpoint 2007.
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    The message was probably just a ploy to get past your antivirus. Antivirus software is designed to keep you from opening infected software. The only thing that was probably in the presentation was a virus. By turning off your AV and clicking on the presentation, you have very likely infected your computer.
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    This is a definite possibility and the OP shouldn't discount running a thorough AV scan, but the message is also a real Microsoft message that can trigger from various scenarios related to file permissions - for example restoring / copying / downloading a file in such a way that it retains permissions relating to the original source, rather than your computer. Have a look at the properties / security settings on that file and compare them to another working file (doesn't need to be a powerpoint file - any document you can open with another programme will be fine). If you see a marked difference it may well be this rather than a virus.
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