What is Ricci curvature: Definition and 11 Discussions

In differential geometry, the Ricci curvature tensor, named after Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro, is a geometric object which is determined by a choice of Riemannian or pseudo-Riemannian metric on a manifold. It can be considered, broadly, as a measure of the degree to which the geometry of a given metric tensor differs locally from that of ordinary Euclidean space or pseudo-Euclidean space.
The Ricci tensor can be characterized by measurement of how a shape is deformed as one moves along geodesics in the space. In general relativity, which involves the pseudo-Riemannian setting, this is reflected by the presence of the Ricci tensor in the Raychaudhuri equation. Partly for this reason, the Einstein field equations propose that spacetime can be described by a pseudo-Riemannian metric, with a strikingly simple relationship between the Ricci tensor and the matter content of the universe.
Like the metric tensor, the Ricci tensor assigns to each tangent space of the manifold a symmetric bilinear form (Besse 1987, p. 43). Broadly, one could analogize the role of the Ricci curvature in Riemannian geometry to that of the Laplacian in the analysis of functions; in this analogy, the Riemann curvature tensor, of which the Ricci curvature is a natural by-product, would correspond to the full matrix of second derivatives of a function. However, there are other ways to draw the same analogy.
In three-dimensional topology, the Ricci tensor contains all of the information which in higher dimensions is encoded by the more complicated Riemann curvature tensor. In part, this simplicity allows for the application of many geometric and analytic tools, which led to the solution of the Poincaré conjecture through the work of Richard S. Hamilton and Grigory Perelman.
In differential geometry, lower bounds on the Ricci tensor on a Riemannian manifold allow one to extract global geometric and topological information by comparison (cf. comparison theorem) with the geometry of a constant curvature space form. This is since lower bounds on the Ricci tensor can be successfully used in studying the length functional in Riemannian geometry, as first shown in 1941 via Myers's theorem.
One common source of the Ricci tensor is that it arises whenever one commutes the covariant derivative with the tensor Laplacian. This, for instance, explains its presence in the Bochner formula, which is used ubiquitously in Riemannian geometry. For example, this formula explains why the gradient estimates due to Shing-Tung Yau (and their developments such as the Cheng-Yau and Li-Yau inequalities) nearly always depend on a lower bound for the Ricci curvature.
In 2007, John Lott, Karl-Theodor Sturm, and Cedric Villani demonstrated decisively that lower bounds on Ricci curvature can be understood entirely in terms of the metric space structure of a Riemannian manifold, together with its volume form. This established a deep link between Ricci curvature and Wasserstein geometry and optimal transport, which is presently the subject of much research.

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    A Demonstration of the Brans-Dicke's Lagrangian

    Helo, The Lagrangian in general relativity is written in the following form: \begin {aligned} \mathcal {L} & = \frac {1} {2} g ^ {\mu \nu} \nabla \mu \phi \nabla \nu \phi-V (\phi) \\ & = R + \dfrac {16 \pi G} {c ^ {4}} \mathcal {L} _ {\mathcal {M}} \end {aligned} with ## g ^ {\mu \nu}: ## the...
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    A Can Ricci Flow be Used in Lorentz Manifolds?

    https://arxiv.org/pdf/1812.06239.pdf In this paper,the authors use ricci flow to construct Lifshitz spaces. But it is known that ricci flow is limited by Riemannian manifold, which has a positive metric. but in this paper the author use ricci flow in a lorentz manifold, whose signature...
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    A Two Dimensional Ricci curvature

    I want to know if there is some simple metric form for Ricci curvature in dimensions generally. In this paper https://arxiv.org/abs/1402.6334 , formula (5.21), the authers seem had a simple formula for Ricci curvature like this ##R= -\frac{1}{\sqrt{-g}} \partial^\mu \big[\sqrt{-g}(g_{\mu\rho}...
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    I Ricci curvatures determine Riemann curvatures in 3-dimension

    Hello~ For usual Riemann curvature tensors defined: ##R^i_{qkl},## I read in the book of differential geometry that in 3-dimensional space, Ricci curvature tensors, ##R_{ql}=R^i_{qil}## can determine Riemann curvature tensors by the following relation...
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    A particle near an event horizon

    Homework Statement A sub-atomic particle is near the event horizon of a black hole. Due to the nearby gravitational field, the Ricci Curvature Tensor is changing rapidly. The particle then performs quantum tunneling. Homework Equations Which version of spacetime does the tunneling particle...
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    Question about Riemann and Ricci Curvature Tensors

    After my studies of metric tensors and Cristoffel symbols, I decided to move on to the Riemann tensor and the Ricci curvature tensor. Now I noticed that the Einstein Field Equations contain the Ricci curvature tensor (R\mu\nu). Some sources say that you can derive this tensor by simply...
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    Understanding the Ricci Curvature Tensor in Einstein's Field Equations

    I've been studying the Einstein field equations. I learned that the Ricci curvature tensor was expressed as the following commutator: [∇\nu , ∇\mu] I know that these covariant derivatives are being applied to some vector(s). What I don't know however, is whether or not both covariant...
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    How does Ricci curvature represent volume deficit ?

    How does Ricci curvature represent "volume deficit"? Hi all, I've been reading some general relativity in my spare time (using Hartle). I'm a bit confused about something. I understand that Riemann curvature is defined in terms of geodesic deviation; the equation of geodesic deviation is...
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    How Can We Visualize Ricci Curvature in Different Dimensions?

    "Visualizing" Ricci curvature Can someone help me visualize the Ricci curvature? Since it is easier to visualize a surface bending in 3-D, let's try to view this as a sheet with one spatial dimension and one time dimension and embedding into euclidean 3-D. Since the metric can always be...
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    Killing Vector and Ricci curvature scalar

    Homework Statement I'm currently self-studying Carroll's GR book and get stuck by proving the following identity: K^\lambda \nabla _\lambda R = 0 where K is Killing vector and R is the Ricci ScalarHomework Equations Mr.Carroll said that it is suffice to show this by knowing: \nabla _\mu...
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    Yau's result for the Ricci curvature on Kahler manifold

    Hi, I've been reading through Yau's proof of the Calabi conjecture (1) and I was quite intrigued by the relation R_{i\bar{j}} = - \frac{\partial^2}{\partial z^i \partial \bar{z}^j } [\log \det (g_{s\bar{t}}) ] derived therein. g_{s \bar{t} } is a Kahler metric on a Kahler manifold (I'm...