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12V car power

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    Hi...Is anyone aware of a way to make car 12V power less clunky? EVeything still seems to have massive cigarette lighter things to get power...and my car only has one of those. I need about 3 or 4. That said, how would I go about trying to make this process more streamline?

    I can delve into the engine if that's whats needed.
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    I just went to Radio Shack and bought a Multible socket outlet. We have 3 "cigarett lighter" sockets in the back seat now.
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    My truck came with three, one of which runs to an inverter which runs to a power strip so I have two cigarette lighter ports available and 6 wall sockets and I can drain a battery in about 1.5 minutes.
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    So...any solutions? (I'm aware of the possibility of just having a ton of cig sockets, but I'd need around four or five in a dodge neon...not enough space there)
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    this will be no help whatsoever, but once I had to fly to Chicago for a job. While I was there my company rented me a car. A hot pink Dodge Neon. You try getting lost in Calumette City in a hot pink Neon and see how comfortable you are asking for directions.
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    Although it might not work in your situation, my approach has been to run a heavy wire straight from the battery to a secondary fusebox (glass type fuses, not those stupid little plastic ones). Then I just crimp a male spade connector to the positive lead of the [insert device here] and shove it into the box on the downstream side of a fuse. One good grounded bolt in the vicinity will serve all of the circuits, which can be attached with roach clips, ring connectors, hook connectors, or whatever you like. Using a wing-nut on the bolt makes hook connectors really easy to put on and take off.
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