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A/D converter question

  1. May 15, 2008 #1
    can someone tell me "How long will an 10 bit Analog/Digital convertor take to complete its conversion approximatly?"
    ? clock pulses
    does it depends on the number being converted?
    Need your help .......thank u
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    It depends on the design of the converter.
    There are flash converters which can do the conversion in a single cycle and sucessive approximation ones that measure one bit at a time.
    Then of course it depends on the overall clock rate - you could have a 1Mhz flash converter and a 10GHz succesive approximation.

    Many real workd designs are a combination of both, using flash for the high bits and then approximating the low bits. Some designs do depend on the number of on-bits in the answer, they are a pain to work with.
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