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A good textbook for Undergraduate learning Solid State Physics

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    I'm an undergraduate looking for a good low level textbook to read this summer in order to learn what I can about Solid State Physics. I have 2 semesters of Chemistry and quantum mechanics.

    Any recommendations?
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    Kittel, Intro to Solid State Physics. People say old editions are better written than the recent ones. In any case I liked the 3rd edition. You'll come across people who hate it (it seems to provoke an allergic reaction in a small fraction of the physics population), but IMO it's the best and most comprehensive intro SS book out there.
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    I will go with marcusl, Kittel is probably the best one you could get. About the editions, I only used the 8th edition (there's also a manual solution for that edition out there in the net *cough cough*).
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