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About domain theory of ferro magnetism

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    hi ....
    i want to ask about domain theory of ferromagnetism...
    first of all , According to classical electromagnetism, two nearby magnetic dipoles will tend to align in opposite directions, so their magnetic fields will oppose one another and cancel out.
    how does this happen?
    after this , .....However in a few the ferromagnetic materials, they tend to align in the same direction because of a quantum mechanical effect called the exchange interaction. The Pauli exclusion principle says that two electrons with the same spin cannot also have the same "position". Therefore, under certain conditions, when the orbitals of the unpaired outer valence electrons from adjacent atoms overlap, the distribution of their electric charge in space is further apart when the electrons have parallel spins than when they have opposite spins.

    With parallel spin the charges are further apart than that due to opposite spin . . . . how ? ? ?

    please explain this to me...
    thanks for any help....
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    someone....... please help me with this .........
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    am i on the wrong category that no replies yet...........
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    U try to continue with ur questions in the other thread only.
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    but what i wanted to ask was there to some extent ..so i continued there....
    ok.... can you explain me the first part of the question here...... please
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    North pole (N) attracts South pole (S). Keep this in mind and take a look at the attached diagram. I hope it will be self explanatory.

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    The magnetic moments are cancelled in the second configuration.
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    Ok i got it..... thanks
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