AC circuit with dependant current and voltage source and open circuit element

  1. I've been given the following problem (attached), not sure how to tackle this one, do I use mesh/node analysis and super node analysis, or can I find the v in the loop with the dependant voltage source then use that as the supply to the second and third loops?

    Not sure, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  3. gneill

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    The problem asks you to find Vx in terms of Ix. Seems to me that you can ignore the left hand loop entirely for this and just assume that Ix is, well, Ix. So what current does the current source in the middle produce?
  4. So I just find the current through the 2 and 1 KΩ on the left, ignoring the dependant voltage source?
  5. gneill

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    No, you just ignore the left hand loop entirely. Ix is the given current; You're looking for an expression (equation), not a numerical result.
  6. eg just look at the right hand side. Take the input as 30*Ix. Write the equation and divide by 30.
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