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Acceleration of Blocks

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    For the following problems, I don't know how to start . Please explain every step to me with emphasis on the difference in finding the blocks' acceleration accompanied by the coefficient of friction and the case if it was not present. [I have other problems I need to do.]

    Find each block's acceleration.

    1. A 20 kg block (A) rests on a table; a cord attached to the block extends horizontally to a pulley at the edge of the table. A 10 kg mass, which has the shape of a block, (B) hangs at the end of the cord. The coefficient of [kinetic] friction is 0.5.

    2. A 40 kg block slides down an inclined plane. The incline is 35° and the coefficient of friction is 0.2.

    Thanks a million. :smile:
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    1. Draw a force diagram, recall that friction is porportional to the the Normal force and opposes motion. Now sum your forces and solve of acceleration.
    2. Essentially the same process as above.

    Note: Read the sticky at the top of the homework forum.
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