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Aeronautical Engineering

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    I am a freshmen in college, and I am really interested in Airplanes and is considering Aeronautical Engineering. Right now I'm just in the General Engineering field, so I was wondering if there was anyone out there that may know a good book (for beginners) on Aeronautical Engineering.

    Thanks.. anything/everything helps.
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    I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for but Introduction to Flight by John D. Anderson is a pretty good book that touches on many of the basics of Aerospace Engineering. It gives a brief background of the field and explains the concepts of lift, drag, performance, etc. Some knowledge of Calculus would be beneficial to understanding the book.

    Just as a warning this is a textbook, my introductory class uses this book so it is expensive to get the latest version. However, I do remember seeing an older version available on Google books at one point.
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