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Air flow rate thru mesh/net/screen

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    I am looking for theoretical and/or empirical information about the extent in which a mesh/screen/net made of some kind of wires is slowing down airflow thru it, comparing to air flowing around it.
    At this point I am interested in meshes starting at a scale of insects screens (about 1mm) and ending at a hole scale of about 1 inch. I would like to understand to what extent making the wires thinner, using different profile or other "tricks" may improve the airflow.

    The question comes from a hunch that a net with a specific height partial to a larger area in which air should flow, is slowing the airflow thru it, in a way which is problematic (getting wet).

    Any references to accessible document (i.e. books, papers) would be welcome.
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    Check the aiaa website technical paper search. Something like this will only have emperical information available. I would give you more insight into the problem but i am typing from my phone and it's a pain.
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    This should be a "handbook" item, such as Marks (ME) or Perry's (ChE), or both.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I would also expect that to be something I could easily find in some book or a certain paper, and I normally know how to find. However, I haven't been able to find this. Maybe their is some kind of specific keywords I miss - I don't know. Anyway, I would appreciate any help in finding the answers.

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    the keyword for such type of flow is : flow through porous media, you will be able to find a lot of papers talking about this topic and you can find what you are looking for in ASHRAE I bet.
    for more information in fluid mechanics visit:http://www.engineershouse.com/shop/category.php?id_category=5
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    I already told you that you can find it in Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook. I was also successful in googling "pressure drop through mesh screens"

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    Also, as a general rule of thumb you want as small of mesh size as possible so the flow does not separate, thus decreasing the net velocity and increases the losses due to friction in the flow. It is interesting to note that if your velocity is high enough you will notice that the screen may get very hot.
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