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Amplifying AD9850 DDS for 5Watt output. OPamp or RF FIT?

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    Hello. I am looking to amplify a sinusoidal signal generated from an AD9850 DDS. It appears the output is 1Vpp @ 27.12MHz when connected through a 50ohm cable to an oscilloscope. I need the total power output to be 5watts after amplification with a very clean sinusoid.

    The output will be connected to a HYS TC-300 amplifier.

    I will then connect the output from the HYS TC-300 to a LC matching network, and from there to a loop antenna for inductive plasma production.

    My question is. What is a simple and thrifty way to amply the signal from the AD9850 signal generator? Are there OP amps that exist that would meet my requirements or do I need to use an RF FIT?
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Have a look at the components available from mini-circuits: http://www.minicircuits.com/products/Amplifiers_what_is_new.shtml [Broken]

    They probably have a module that will work for you. BTW,. this system will be well-shielded, right? You don't want to be leaking much energy out of your lab at frequencies that can cause RF interference to nearby receivers. :smile:
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    Absolutely. Faraday cages all around! Don't want to interfere with any Hamsters.

    Copper mesh shielding (1-2.5mm) around the antenna and a metal box to shield all the other components. Coaxial cable from my matching network to the antenna. (Building a low cost Helicon plasma source)
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