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Android robotics, quantum physics lab

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    some cool stuff happening here
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    Thanks Greg, I'd forgotten I posted this. I am just trying to generate interest in the project really. It could be so much much better if we had the money, so progress is not as fast as I'd like but it is moving forward which is the main thing. This lab is intended to be an interactive online lab with 24 hr live streaming, where people can run experiments themselves and add/suggest new experiments, like improving the robot software, programming the 'quantum computer' etc. Basically, you at home, would have your own lab. This is the general idea but as you can see from the video there's still a lot of work to do. Also I am looking to improve the youtube channel and make it more proffessional, so if anyone has any suggestions or advice that would also be most welcome. I am currently doing pretty much all of this myself. I have to work aswell :(

    If anyone out there is interested in the idea please get in touch via mail@physicsacademy.co.uk

    Kind regards
    Justin (physicsacademy)
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    The functuay seems a little off
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    Yes it was and still is in prototype stage, small improvements made with each step.
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