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Annular Plate Stress Calculation(uniform thickness)

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    Please guide me in calculating the shear stress value for a Annular plate with constant thickness..

    My inputs are Outer radius, Inner radius, Load acting thickness. and the material properties.
    I need to calculate the Shear stress value at the inner edge.
    The constraints are the plates has the Inner edge Fixed and supported, uniform load along outer edge.

    I searched the Roarkā€™s book also. But not clear of to which formula to use.

    Please mail me a solution.
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    If you really looked through Roark's, you would know that the necessary calculations are all contained in the book, including "Concentrated load applied at the outer edge of an annular plate with a fixed inner edge" for calculating the radial stress at the fixed edge of the plate.
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    Annular plate

    Searched the book.
    Only specified about the bending moment.Not the shear stress.
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    I don't remember the formulas, don't think anybody does because they're pretty long with all those constants, but you can take the general ones probably in the book - make your boundary conditions for movement and stress (2 movement = 0 conditions on inner radius and one wih the stress on the outer radius, I think) put them in those long formulas to find the constants and you'll find the solution for your particular case. Sorry I can't help more, good luck.
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    Did you take a look at section 10.3 (in my version off Roark's)? It has an example for calculating the deflection due to shear in a in a annular plate with the BCs that you have stated.
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    Hi exclusive,
    Are you referring to the shear stress in the axial direction at the point where the support is? If so, isn't that going to be the load on the plate divided by the shear area?

    Or are you referring to maximum shear stress in the plate? In that case, can you determine all the normal stresses and use Mohr's circle to determine maximum shear stress?

    You may also consider additional shear stresses as suggested by Fred. That section of Roark's is largely neglected. Stresses given in Table 11.2 do not include this affect.

    Note also that the equations in Roark's for normal stress are only good for plates with deflection no more than 1/2 the thickness. Verify your deflections when using Table 11.2.
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    Annular Plate Stress Calculation

    Thanks for your reply.
    With reference to your mail I Searched and found the example.i Have also attached the image also. I hope that you too was referring the same example.
    I need to calculate the Shear stress. In this example they have given the deflection.
    Please guide me in calculating the shear stress at the inner edge.

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