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News Another hurricane thread

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    This is from a left-y site, but it was an astounding timeline. Have a look. I'd be curious if a similar right-y timeline existed.

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    If there is I bet they don't supply links to govt websites.

    My guess is they will supply some blog quotes and a few op-ed pieces.
    :rofl: :rofl:
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    Remember when a certain member thought that the federal state of emergency had been declared two days after the hurricane struck, because of a NewsMax "article?" That was a riot.
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    There's not going to be a right-y one. THe only difference between the left and the right on this issue is wether or not it was all Brown's fault. That, and wether or not Bush was an innocent victim viciously and brutally deceived into hiring him.
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    There is an old axiom in the business world that goes something like: One tends to rise to the level of one's own incompetence.

    Many political appointees have reached that level when they are appointed to a job that they know nothing about. The job was a political gift, Brown has risen to a level that was beyond his capabilities.
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    Except that Brownie managed to rise above his own incompetence. In fact, that's exactly what he was fired from his last job.
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    Hey screw you :D I don't drown myself in left-wing blogs so that I can play teh blame game for every fart in the wind.
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    That's called the Peter Principle. I saw this principle play out time and again in the military.
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    That is known as the 'Peter principle'

    I don't think it applies to political appointees, at least not in the case of 'Brownie', since he reached his level of incompetence as commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association.

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    Nice integration of the current Republican run and hide talking point. "Blame game" Ha! If not now then when? When should we blame the moron(s) who botched this? When should political appointees be held to task? When should political appointers be held accountable for handing out kushy government jobs(which eventually lead to well paying lobbyist positions) to incompetents?

    In the military, commanders are(or used to) held accountable to a certain extent for the actions of their underlings though commanders have little to no direct control over who they get to begin with. If a CO is in bed when a ship runs aground then the CO is held accountable a lot of the time even though the all officers and enlisted on a given ship are sent to the ship not requested by the CO.

    Why doesn't this hold true for the president---even moreso because he selected these goons? Why can't or shouldn't we blame the top man for selecting an idiot who was consistently two days behind the news? Why not?

    I know why.... because the current talking point says we shouldn't to protect the president from any nasty admissions of culpability in selecting an idiot. We all know the president is never wrong(as seen by his response to a question during one second or third Kerry/Bush debate) and as such needs the protection of all of the talking heads. Talking points---gotta love'em! :mad:
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    HaHa beat you to it. Nanna-Nanna foo-foo!
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    Oh you would like to play, you just don't want to be "IT" :wink:
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    I would have beat you except I was playing a game as well. :rofl:
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    Now is not the time for the "blame game". :biggrin:
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    I am absolutely amazed that the city of New Orleans didn't have better plans for evacuation and supplies ready for a storm like this. What the hell were they thinking? This was not the Federal government's responsibility.

    Per pattylou's link "APPROXIMATELY 30,000 EVACUEES GATHER AT SUPERDOME WITH ROUGHLY 36 HOURS WORTH OF FOOD". Was the Superdome the plan the mayor had for storm evacuation? If it was, why wasn't it properly supplied? Is anyone calling for the head of that mayor? They should be.

    What was the state's disaster plan? Has anyone posted that?
  18. Sep 10, 2005 #17
    Again with the mayor, it's not just his fault. These plans have been neglected for years, decades even. The problem is not going to be fixed with a few heads on some pikes.
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    Using that reasoning, it's not Bush's fault either. But it doesn't take long term planning to have an evacuation plan and adequate food, water & medical supplies stored for an emergency.

    Can't hurt.
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    All levels are to blame in some way, and yes the residents as well. If you know a major storm is approaching but have no transportation or some where else you can go, wouldn't you get some supplies together? I mean, I'm surprised there wasn't a run on the stores in the days preceding the storm.

    And I've been hesitant to post this as I don't want it to be taken wrong, but when one sees footage of people looting (and I don't mean for necessities), and reports of rescuers being shot at, and a women who is complaining about relief efforts as she sits there smoking a cigarette (she manages to have cigarettes), it doesn't promote sympathy.

    Yes, of course everyone is responsible. But that includes the federal government and Bush administration.
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    Yes, thank you, everyone is responsible.
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