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Homework Help: Anyone pls help me with this qn.

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    Lets say i have a ball rolling horizontally at constant speed on a frictionless table in vacumm. When i exert a constant vertical force on the ball. Will the horizontal speed change due to the resultant force in the vertical direction? thx
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    No. As long as its a frictionless surface, a vertical force won't result in any horizontal velocity change.
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    If its frictionless the ball won't be rolling.
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    If the force that started the movement was not applied in a direction passing through the center of mass, the ball will roll even in a frictionless surface.
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    Only if the angular velocity was the exact amount such that for every 2pi radians swept the ball traveled [itex] 2\piR [/itex] units of length.. which is way more assuming than necessary for the problem.
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