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Homework Help: Arrangement of voltmeter

  1. Dec 20, 2004 #1
    1.  ----┤├----(ammeter)-------
        |  cap                |
        |                  |

    2.  ----┤├----(ammeter)-------
        | cap     |
        |       |
        └ (voltmeter)┘

    Two different arrangement of voltmeter are used to measure the p.d. across the cap. What are the pros & cons of using arrangement 1 ?
    can anyone help me with this question? :rofl:
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    If the ampere meter is ideal (that is, it has no resistance), then there is no difference. So let's assume the ampere meter does have some resistance, which of the arrangements would give a more accurate reading for de potential difference over the capacitator?
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    i think arrangement 2 would give a more accurate reading as it doen't involve
    the p.d. across the ammeter . But then what is the advantage of using 1 :confused: i saw some experiments using it...
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