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Average pressure measurement

  1. May 24, 2015 #1
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    Hello everyone.
    I have such a task to fullfill. I am using dsa3307 Differential pressure scanner. Can someone give me an idea? How to achieve a result for this topic.."Implementation and testing of averaging algorithms to assure sufficient averaging time"

    Sincerely yours.
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    I'm sure you have all the proper manuals which seem to be found below?

    http://www.scanivalve.com/products/pressure-measurement/ethernet-intelligent-pressure-scanners/dsa3307-pressure-scanner-liquid-measurement/ [Broken]

    After reading the manuals the people who make the dsa3307 might reply to your questions?

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    They say you can change the variable of avarage by the using AVG command example AVG 600 or AVG 3000, however my question is to understand how generally averaging is being done? I must think about time? How long time is enough so on...
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    Well there are several issues. First, you would need to make sure that the pressure being measured has reached a quasi-steady state. Specifically, if you have a length of tubing attached to the transducer, it will take a finite time after placing it in a flow for the correct pressure to propagate to the sensing element.

    Second, once you have that, the sample being averaged itself only has to be long enough that you capture enough points that you are satisfied with the statistical confidence in the measured average. Deciding that is up to you. If you are looking for spectral information, then there are additional concerns about the number of samples and frequency resolution.
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    Thank you so much. Do you know any sources or implementation for it? Your answer is exactly what i was looking for also.
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    Sources or implementation for what?
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    of averaging of a specific task to get some impression. Or some ways to determine time for quasi steady pressure time with some experiment so on.
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    I mean, you can figure out if it has reached its steady value just by looking at the pressure signal and seeing when it stops increasing or decreasing and seems to just hover around a single value. The exact amount of time will depend on the geometry of your tubing. Averaging is just averaging unless you have some reason to use a different sort of average (and it doesn't appear that you are). You just take the mean over whatever sample of values you have after it has reached its "steady" value.
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