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Best remote access software

  1. Aug 31, 2007 #1
    ... yea which one is the best? i basically want to do maintenance on my mom's computer from school
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    I like VNC. (RealVNC, specifically.)

    - Warren
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    ~ Most people I know that use a remote access program, use "GoToMyPC". There are, of course, many other programs, but this one seems to get a lot of high marks from its users.

    Here's a link to a review from the editor of PC Support Advisor (the people that offer free online how-to computer guides).

    Review -


    GoToMyPC -
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    Chris Hillman

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    Challenging tacit assumptions

    If you just want access to the shell, ssh is what you need. If you just want to upload or download files, sftp.

    Oh, wait, sorry, I thought I was in AntiTerra, never mind :wink:
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    VNC is really good, But Daneware is also works really well...

    It all depends on what you are planning on doing with it?
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    logmein.com is decent. it requires no software on the viewing pc so you can remote control a computer from any terminal.
  8. Jul 15, 2009 #7
    I use Teamviewer , its really great.

    Remote Control, File Transfer, Presentation, VNC abilities.
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    For those in the know, just how bad is Windows Remote Desktop? Primarily, is there a security hazard present? (Beyond having a port open on the firewall, which you can use to remote terminal into).
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    UltraVNC is about the same as VNC and that class of Free Remote software. UVNC has a nice Tech module that you can put on your website and customers can click it and it calls you for remote help.

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    Windows Remote Desktop works just fine. I've been using it for years. But, your mom's computer will need to have a fixed IP address; that will probably make it not work.
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    The problem with remote desktop is that it blanks the remote screen so you can't use it to show the other person what you are doing.
    It also needs the account to have a password and have a few security settings turned on, it isn't included in the Home edition of XP.
    Also remote desktop and any of the regular VNC tools require you to know the other persons IP address and have them forward a port on their router (not granny proof)

    There are a few VNC versions that call out to a 3rd party server who makes the connection between you and the person you are helping. Some of these are free, one very good commercial one is https://www.copilot.com/, it's about $5 for each day of usage or free at weekends.

    A very good FREE alternative is VNC one click, you build a special VNC package with your IP address coded into it. You send this to the person you are helping, they run it and it connects directly to your machine - since it is an outgoing link from their end they don't need to do any network stuff. After they finish it uninstalls itself.
    see http://lifehacker.com/software/vnc/geek-to-live-tech-support-with-ultravnc-singleclick-198532.php
  13. Jul 29, 2009 #12
    The best SSH client I have found so far is WinSCP.

    Windows Remote Desktop works great, but that serves a different role.
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    From a pure usage/reliability point of view, of the ones I have experience of, in order of preference:

    Hyena (RealVNC) - you can also see if a person is logged on before attempting to connect
    DameWare Mini Remote Control - as good as Hyena except you can't initially see if a person is logged on, also saves connection settings
    Remote desktop Connection - only third because of the "blanks the remote screen" already pointed out, we only use it on servers
    Gencontrol - not as reliable as the first three but does the job

    Sorry, missed the necropost!
  15. Sep 19, 2011 #14
    Whats about Dream Viewer ? I thinks it works cool.
  16. Feb 1, 2013 #15
    Try using gosupportnow remote support tool in order to remotely access your mom’s computer from anywhere. It is easy to use and costs only $19.95 / month.
  17. Feb 5, 2013 #16
    the other posters have covered everything i'd bring up

    one thing i'd like to add:
    please ensure you use strong passwords for any kind of remote access. Im not sure how many of you actually have ever taken a look at your computer's security audit logs but on mine (i use windows remote desktop) i usually used to have anywhere from 1000-2000 failed bruteforce login attempts. when i found out, i started using an open source solution that ban's the remote ip address after x number of failed attemps within a given time frame
    This is meant to work with windows remote desktop

    general tips to be safe:
    use a strong password
    disable the default administrator account on your system (or at least rename it)
    dont use first names as your account name (bots try first names as usernames)
    dont allow a user to have admin rights when connecting remotely
  18. Mar 6, 2013 #17


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    If the target computer is Windows 7 (or 8) Professional or Ultimate, Microsoft's Remote Desktop is the best option. It is secure, stable (and free if the named versions of the OS). It does have to be enabled, and your logon has to be specifically given to it before you can connection from a remote location.
  19. Apr 24, 2013 #18
    Gosupportnow is a very good remote support tool. It is very easy to use and costs only $19.95 / month, next to free.
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