Bingham plastic that is not a suspension

I am looking for a Bingham plastic that is not a suspension. It can either be in the form of an additive to water or a non conductive chemical. The liquid should have a yield stress of 150 Pa to 250 Pa. What liquid could be used here? Are there companies who tailor make these kind of liquids?


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They are not using a Bingham plastic and they are using a suspension.
The properties of the liquid should be such that the liquid can be standing still in a system of tubes without separating into fractions even after weeks of zero motion. The liquid should also have a lifetime of at least one year and it should have as low a viscosity as possible. One possibility could be long chained silicon oil with polar side chains.
As low as possible and with the correct yield stress.


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As low as possible
So what would be an upper bound on the viscosity you need? My low viscosity might be essentially solid compared to what you need.

I don't have any materials in mind I am just trying to get all of the information on display so someone wandering by may be able to give a suggestion.

Viscosity should maximum be a few hundred centistoke.

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