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Biological carrier wave signals

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    hi yea umm

    is there any research/thinking regarding carrier wave signals being transmited vocally?

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    Welcome to the PF. What do you mean by carrier wave in this context? A carrier wave would normally be modulated to transfer information / data. A person could certainly do rudimentary amplitude or frequency modulation using their vocal chords, but the datarate would be fairly low compared to other forms of verbal communication.

    Do you have something in mind?
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    i have this mad idea that maybe you can transmit simple emotive/thought like data with mouth and vocal chords, tell me i'm mad.. (not natural langauge)
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    Sure you can. At the very least, you can speak in Morse Code. Kind of nerdy, but it is AM modulation of an audio carrier wave.

    Have you seen the videos of the monks doing their chants? You might say they are doing some of what you are asking about:


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    anyone here watched that show Dark Angel where they had genetically modified people that use bat sonic waves to communicate for military purposes. Is this what you are talking about
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