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BJT common emitter collector to emitter reverse bias confusion

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    Iam sorry if it is a very basic question but iam unable to understand this

    if u take a common emitter configuration of npn transistor the emitter is common to both the input and output terminals and to operate in the active region
    1. the emitter to base should be forward biased i.e n and p should be forward biased this is fine,
    2. also the emitter to the collector should be reverse biased that is n and n regions should be reverse biased but how can u reverse bias this.

    it is very confusing could somebody clarify on this.

    Thanks in advance,
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    In an NPN transistor, the base is an anode for two diodes and the emitter and collector are cathodes.
    So, if the base is more positive than one of the cathodes, that diode will be forward biassed.

    This is clearly the case with the base emitter junction.

    With the base collector junction, the collector is normally at a higher positive potential than the base, so it reverse biasses this diode.
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    Thankyou i understood it now.
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