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BJT help

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    This is the result from a lab,but I am not sure the results are correct.
    Also,when I try to find I(c) , I(b) and I(e),by measured V(RC) and V(RE),I find the results strange.
    I guess the combination of R1=10k and R2=10k is under linear region,but the dc gain is so small.
    For combination of R1=10k and R2=1k,Idon't know why the I(b) is negative.Is it the cut off mode?
    And for combination of R1=1k and R2=10k,it should be in saturation?
    I guess R2 is like a battery so current I(b) flow ,but how about R1??

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    You calculated IB using IE - IC. This can be inaccurate when IE is close in value to IC.
    There is another way you can determine the value of IB in each test situation, it's a more accurate method, too.

    What is this second method I speak of?
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