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Blackbody radiation

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

By what factor does the radiated energy increase when a blackbody changes temperatures from 100K to 1000K

a) 100
b) 6600
c) 1 x 10^ 4 <--- marked as the correct answer on the key.
d) 5.7 x 10^4
e) 1 x 10^6

2. Relevant equations

1) f(peak) = 5.88x10^10*T
2) E = hf

3. The attempt at a solution

By inspection, I see that if T increases by a factor of 10, the frequency will increase by a factor of 10 and so will the energy. So I'm getting that the answer is a factor of 10. I even plugged in numbers and I still get 10. I don't understand how they got that answer.
I see, thank you. But how do you know they're referring to power and not energy? They don't mention power or rate of energy radiated.
If I told you that a mass was increased, then you would assume the gravitational force on it was also increased. It's a similiar idea with energy and power.

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