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Boiling Point H20 @ 600 psi?

  1. Feb 10, 2010 #1
    Boiling Point H20 @ 600 psi????

    According to the psychometric chart boiling point of water @ 600 psi is 252 C.

    I have a chamber with water inside (in forms of weight measured drops). I am purging CO2 at 600 psi in the chamber. After am heating the chamber to 155 deg C expecting the water to stay.

    It boils or just goes away - I have no idea why it is happening?

    Could anyone please explain what are the potential reasons that could be happening?
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    Re: Boiling Point H20 @ 600 psi????

    Is it boiling or just evaporating? How big are the drops and how big is the chamber? According to a steam table, the vapor pressure of steam at that temp is 80psi and the density is 0.2 lb/ft^3. http://www.efunda.com/Materials/water/steamtable_sat.cfm
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    Re: Boiling Point H20 @ 600 psi????

    I think just evaporating because I can't see it boiling.....The chamber size is quite big...and water measured would be like 100 mg max.
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    Re: Boiling Point H20 @ 600 psi????

    You might want to review Dalton's Law.
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