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Book to understand how differential equation solutions come about?

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    Guys I read Shaum's outline of differential equations. I understand that for different type of differential equation you need different method to solve the equation.

    My problem is i am curious how these methods to solve differential equations came about. I want to get a good understanding of differential equations, as probably in the future i hope to derive my own formula to solve non linear water wave ;9

    Any good book to recommend me to read? Nothing too rigourous, I am only a engineer with light mathematical training.

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    Most people would recommend:
    Ordinary Differential Equations by Morris Tenenbaum and Harry Pollard
    but I haven't read it. I have read Differential Equations by Shepley L. Ross (2nd Edition) and I think its a very good book. I don't quite know if it's what your looking for. Sometimes a solution or method works just because it does and there's nothing more you can say. Like undetermined coefficients in an exponential to solve a constant coefficient homogeneous linear system. It just works and that's that, nothing more and nothing less.
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    tenenbaum and pollard is the best general introduction to ord. diff eq. the best books for in depth understanding are those by v. arnol'd.
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