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Books for advanced high school students

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    I'm looking for good textbooks or problem books for a 9 and 10th grade students. Maybe not as difficult as the AMC or IMO level math, but some problems that require some thought rather than just plug and chug formulas. For example, I want to find a good problem set for trig proofs, and some of the textbooks I am looking in only have a few problems or none of them are too hard (i.e. they involve 2 steps at most).

    This is mainly for Euclidean geometry, Algebra 1 and 2 and Trig.
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    Algebra, Trigonometry, are two books by Gelfand.

    Geometry Revisited by Coxeter.

    They are both hard and aimed at grades 9-10.
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    Kiselev's Geometry (both I and II) are good geometry books for both planar euclidean and 3D geometry.

    They're both concise but they contain more details than the average joe high school math book.


    also you might want to look at books published by MAA. A lot of them are aimed towards adept high school students, and the materials are a tad bit harder, but are doable.
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