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Can I use a multimeter on a multimeter?

  1. Sep 5, 2014 #1
    So I have two cheap multi-meters and I've been going around the house and my parents car testing it on voltage. One multimeter I can take out the circuti board, I can see the fuse, and resistors and the conductive path lines. So what I am wondering is if I can use my second multimeter (they are both digital) to test voltage/amps/resistance on the circuit board of the first multimeter I have.

    Will using test leads on the circuit board do any damage to the multimeter?

    Thank you in advance
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    You can. But be careful when probing anything with your multimeter. Stay away from current measurements until you fully understand that process. When you put your meter in current measurement mode there is basically a short circuit between the leads.
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    can you use a knife to open up the packaging of your new knife?=)
    But really the ammeter is a dangerous beast it is a good way to blow through fuses in your multimeter.
    Just be mindful of what your multimeter is rated to. The fuse should blow first but you could damage the meter itself.

    good luck!

    oh and try not to scratch the circuit board.
  5. Sep 9, 2014 #4
    Of course. Just remember it's kind of like doing brain surgery on yourself. :)
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    I wonder if you could get it to start looping readings. like measure the voltage across a resistor hooked up to the display. that would be cool
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    I dunno ... it's like holding up a mirror in front of another mirror ... you could rip a hole in the space-time fabric! And don't take a picture of yourself while doing this, either! :eek:
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    It is possible for any measuring device to affect the thing its measuring. For example its not a good idea to probe parts of a sensitive radio receiver using a voltmeter as the meter leads can (for example) act like aerials.
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