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Homework Help: Can Someone Help With This Simple Problems?

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    Can Someone Help With This Simple Problems??


    A Dynamics Cart A Of Mass 2.0kg Is Travelling South At 1.5m/s When It Collides With A Second Cart B Of Mass 3.0kg, Which At Rest. Cart A Rebounds With A Velocity Of 0.30m/s North.

    A) If The Collision Lasts 0.50s, What Is The Average Force Exerted On Cart A?
    B)what Exerts Teh Force On Cart A
    C) What Is The Force Exerted By Cart A On Cart B
    D) What Is The Velocity Of Cart B After The Collision


    a 5.0g Bullet Is Fired From A Rifle With A Muzzle Velocity Of 3.0*10^2m/s North. If The Bullet Takes 5.0 *10 ^-3 S To Travel The Lenght Of The Barrel Of The Gun, Calculate.

    A)the Average Force Exerted On Teh Bullet
    Bthe Recoil Force On The Shooter And Rifle
    C) What Is The Recoil Velocity Of The Shooter If He Is Standing On A Frictionless Surface And Has A Mass Of 40.0 Kg.
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    Welcome to the forums, supershamy.

    Can you post what you've tried so far?
    Forum rules...
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    oh c'mon... you can solve at least ONE of them. I can't just put 7 approaches to 7 questions.

    show that you at least tried
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    Skwerl, you live near the location of the world's most famous antenna, you know that?
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