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Cell Phone Wiring

  1. Jan 12, 2014 #1
    I know that a House Hold Phone Jack gives the Phone pluged into it the Low Level Powere to work.

    And I always see in movies and Hear how if you have just a Cell Phone you can take the Wire right from the Phone Jack and connect them to the Cell Phone.

    I do not understand this because even if you open a Cell Phone it has no Wire to connect with the Jacks Wires.

    Even if you wanted to Twist then and make it work?
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    Doesn't sound possible. Don't always believe what you see in the movies... :smile:
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    Very true, when MacGyver aired in the 1980's. They would say he used everyday objects in his surroundings to escape but later the producers said they left out key steps to prevent kids from reproducing the MacGyver effect. In reality some of the effects would never have worked but they were plausible in the plot.

    In the Numb3rs series they would use math to solve crimes but the math was added to the story after it was conceived using the plausibility criteria. Many mathematicians were disappointed that the story didn't resolve around the math instead.
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