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Charge in a Corner

  1. Nov 28, 2009 #1
    Two conducting semi-planes form a right angle. A charge q is placed between them as shown in the picture(first attachment). What is the energy of electro statical interaction of the charge with the planes?
    I m confused how to approach this problem..??
    Though I could think of one way(hint provided with the question) to solve it but thats not giving me the right answer..
    i thought to take reflections of the charge..the reason being the following points:
    The field lines should cross the conducting surface at the right angle, as any field component, parallel to the surface,would induce currents, and the surface charges would rearrange in such a way to compensate for this field component.
    so if we can substitute the real system by some configuration of charges, providing the same field configuration in our region of interest, we can calculate any parameters.(second attachment)

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